4 electric motorbike models with the fastest charging speeds are being sold in Vietnam

The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on many different factors. The fastest charging electric car model is not necessarily the model with the most optimal operating range.

If you drive a gasoline car, you don’t care about the time it takes to fill the fuel tank, but if you use an electric car, how long it takes to fully charge the battery is one of the criteria to consider when choosing a car.

Most electric motorbikes sold on the market have a charging time of about 3-6 hours. Users only need to plug in the charger overnight and the vehicle is ready to use the next day. But you need to monitor the charging time so that it does not exceed the recommended charging time to ensure safety.

These are the 4 electric motorbike models with the fastest charging speeds distributed in Vietnam.

1. Dat Bike Weaver 200: 3 hours

Weaver 200 is Dat Bike’s newest product. The car has the familiar classic design of the Weaver line introduced earlier. On the Weaver 200, Dat Bike focuses on upgrading engine power and travel range.

Dat Bike Weaver 200-CafeAuto-2

The new engine block is located in the rear wheel, with a maximum capacity of 6,000 W, 1,000 W larger than the Weaver. Providing power for this engine block is a 72 V/68 Ah lithium-ion battery pack. Maximum speed 90 km/h.

The car’s 0-100% charging time is 3 hours. If charged for 60 minutes, the car can travel 100 km.

Dat Bike Weaver 200-CafeAuto-3

The Vietnamese automaker said the Weaver 200 has a maximum travel range of 200 km, but this number is only achieved when running at 35 km/h. If running at a speed of 75 km/h, the travel distance is reduced to 130 km.

Dat Bike Weaver 200 is sold for 54.9 million VND, 15 million VND more expensive than Weaver. With this price, Weaver 200 faces competition from gasoline models such as Honda Air Blade 160 (VND 55.99-57.19 million), Yamaha NVX (VND 54.5-55 million)…

2. VinFast Klara S: 4.8 hours

Klara S version using lithium battery is being sold in 2022 using LFP battery. Even though it is an old model, Klara S is still a reasonable choice for customers who need an electric vehicle with an easily removable battery pack.

VinFast Klara S-CafeAuto-4

The advantage of this car is the Full-LED lighting system, connection to the phone… VinFast said the standard charging time of Klara S is 4.8 hours, of which the first 3 hours are capable of charging 0- 90%. When the battery reaches 100%, Klara S can travel a maximum of 120 km.

The car is equipped with 2 22 Ah batteries, the power is produced from a 1,200 W engine. This engine block allows the car to go at a highest speed of 48 km/h, climbing 10 degrees.

VinFast Klara S-CafeAuto-5

Currently, Klara S uses a lithium battery priced at 39.9 million VND, 3 million VND more expensive than Klara S 2022. VinFast Klara S competes with Honda Lead models (39.06-42.3 million VND), Yamaha Grande (45.2-49.6 million VND)…

3. VinFast electric car uses LFP battery: about 6 hours

LFP batteries are equipped by VinFast for 5 electric motorbike models, of which a new model is the Evo 200. Switching to LFP batteries helps most models have larger storage space in the trunk as well as range of travel, But the inconvenience is that the battery cannot be removed for charging.

Vinfast Evo 200-CafeAuto-6

The Evo 200 is the car that can go the farthest after each full charge – reaching 200 km, while the Theon S model has a travel range of only 150 km – the lowest among VinFast models using LFP batteries. This difference largely comes from the difference in engine power level.

Because they share the same LFP battery pack, VinFast’s 5 new car models have similar charging times, about 6 hours. Actual experience on Klara S, charging time from 15-100% battery takes about 4.5 hours.

Vinfast Evo 200-CafeAuto-7

VinFast LFP battery products are priced from 22 million VND (Evo 200) to 69.9 million VND (Theon S). The most expensive car model Theon S has many technologies such as ABS braking system, Full-LED lights, PAAK smart lock… It is a competitor to Honda SH 125i (71.9-79.8 million VND).

4. Yadea G5: About 6 hours

G5 is positioned in Yadea’s Signature segment in Vietnam. This is the most expensive and only model of this brand with lithium battery technology.

Yadea G5-CafeAuto-8

Yadea G5 targets urban customers thanks to its compact design. The car has notable features such as GPS vehicle positioning, phone connection, touch start…

The car has a 60 V/24 Ah lithium battery pack, 1,200 W engine. When running in Eco mode with a speed limit of 38 km/h, the G5 can travel a maximum of 60 km. Switching to Power mode with a maximum speed of 50 km/h reduces the travel range to 50 km.

Yadea G5’s price in Vietnam is 29.99 million VND, competing with VinFast Feliz S at the same price. In this price range, the G5 is a competitor of gasoline scooter models such as Yamaha Janus (28-32.5 million VND) or Honda Vision (30.23-34.94 million VND).

Yadea G5-CafeAuto-9

In addition to choosing electric motorbikes with lithium batteries, users can consider battery-powered models. The advantage of battery electric vehicles is not the charging speed, the average charging time of these vehicles is not less than 8 hours. In return, the selling price of electric motorbikes using batteries is cheaper.

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