3 elegant and fuel-efficient scooters, not to be missed for new students

Not only possessing a youthful and sporty design, the models we introduce in this article also have outstanding fuel economy, which will definitely make students satisfied when choosing these scooter models. .

1. Honda Vision

If talking about scooters for students, Vision is definitely one of the most “mass” options. Possessing a compact size with a weight of only 97kg, Vision provides a flexible means of transportation for both daily travel needs and longer distances.

Honda Vision-CafeAuto-2

The first advantage is that the sporty design is suitable for young people, and the car has many different color options so both men and women can easily choose a version that suits their needs.

The car also owns a 110cc eSP engine, producing maximum power of 6.59kW/7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 9.29Nm/6,000 rpm. In particular, gasoline consumption is only about 1.8 liters of gasoline/100km, so students will save quite a bit of money.

Besides, Honda Vision 2022 Special, Personality and Premium versions are also equipped with a modern Smartkey, with a convenient USB charging port in the trunk. Along with that, this scooter model also has a fairly large storage compartment along with the front storage compartment, which is very convenient for storing books and school supplies when going to school.

However, the listed price is from 30-34 million VND, but currently due to scarcity, the price of Vision 2022 at the dealer is above 40 million VND. That’s why the rolling price of Vision 2022 is currently no less than 45 million VND.

2. Yamaha Janus

Launched after Vision, Janus also quickly gained the popularity of many people, especially young people, because of its trendy design and a variety of different color options to meet their different needs and preferences. user.

Yamaha Janus-CafeAuto-3

The vehicle is equipped with a 125cc BlueCore engine block, producing maximum power of 7.0 kW/8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 9.6 Nm/5500 rpm. This is also one of the gas-saving scooter models on the market with a fuel consumption of 1.87 liters of gasoline/100km.

The Yamaha scooter model is also integrated with modern equipment such as Smartkey, Start&Stop System,… along with a spacious trunk and modern clock structure.

Fortunately, the selling price of Janus at the dealer is always equivalent to the genuine listed price, currently ranging from 28 – 32.5 million VND, so it will definitely fit the budget of many users.

3. Piaggio Liberty

Also possessing a compact sporty design, Liberty brings high-end “Italian quality” to the Liberty car line, but is still modest enough to suit the needs of students.

Piaggio Liberty-CafeAuto-4

Currently in Vietnam, Liberty is distributed with two engine options: 50cc or 125cc. However, because most students are 18+, the Liberty 125cc versions will definitely be a more suitable choice. This version is equipped with a 125cc i-get engine with a maximum capacity of 7.6kW/7600 rpm and maximum torque of 10.2Nm/6000 rpm.

Along with the trendy design, Liberty is also equipped with a signature high-end magnetic key, ABS brakes (except Liberty One) for safe operation,… Currently, the selling price of Piaggio Liberty ranges from 48.3 – 60.8 million VND depending on version.

After this article, we hope to be able to provide readers with more knowledge about fuel-efficient cars suitable for new students.

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