With the same situation of shortage of goods, Kia Sonet still managed to outstrip Toyota Raize in July 2022

Compared to last month, both Kia Sonet and Toyota Raize’s sales decreased, but the Korean brand’s high-riding car model continued to lag far behind with sales figures more than double.

According to sales report from VAMA, in July 2022, Toyota Raize’s sales decreased from 471 vehicles to 320 vehicles. Similarly, Kia Sonet also had a lower number of cars sold with only 711 cars delivered. This is the general situation of the vehicle market due to the lack of component supply.


More specifically, Toyota Raize has 158 cars sold in the Northern market, 76 cars in the Central region and 86 cars in the South. With Kia Sonet, there are 403 cars in the North, 57 cars and 251 cars in the Central and South regions. Although the quantity of Toyota Raize is almost more complete than when it was first launched, the situation of beer with peanuts still occurs even more openly when there is an average price difference of 25 – 30 million VND just to Receiving the car early has somewhat affected the sales of this car model.

As for Kia Sonet, although it has the advantage of domestic assembly and more abundant supply, it also faces a shortage of components that has somewhat affected the car delivery process. In addition, on the groups, many people reported not being able to receive the car early, but having to wait even if they bought it by direct payment.


Since their launch, Toyota Raize and Kia Sonet have continuously chased each other in terms of sales as each car has its own advantages. However, in recent times, Sonet has continuously shown its superiority with increasingly high sales compared to Raize, even though Toyota’s small high-rise car model has an advantage in safety equipment such as support. Hill start assist, blind spot warning, cross-traffic warning when reversing, 4 sensors and 6 airbags and has a listed price from 547 million VND.

The Kia Sonet has better performance thanks to the 1.5L Smartstream engine with a capacity of 113 horsepower at 6,300Rpm and 144Nm at 4,500Rpm combined with a 6-speed manual or intelligent continuously variable transmission. IVT. Currently, Kia Sonet has prices ranging from 499 million VND to 624 million VND.

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