VinFast VF 9 has been registered in Vietnam, just waiting for the delivery date

The large SUV model VinFast VF 9 has just completed registration and been granted quality certification in Vietnam, before that VinFast VF 8 also completed these procedures.

About 2 months earlier, VinFast VF 8 was granted a quality certificate and recently VinFast VF 9 also completed registration procedures in Vietnam before being distributed to the market. According to the parameters, there will be 2 versions sold with 1 difference.


Specifically, the VinFast VF 9 Eco version has an overall length, width and height of 5,119 x 2,004 x 1,696 mm. The Plus version will have a width of 2,070 mm, 66 mm wider and the same length and height. Both versions share the same 3,149 mm wheelbase.


In addition, VinFast Eco version has an unladen weight of 2,830 kg and a total weight of 3,306 kg. The Plus version is more powerful with the same unladen weight of 2,866 kg, but the 7-seat configuration has a maximum weight of 3,335 kg and the 6-seat configuration has a maximum weight of 3,274 kg.

All versions of VinFast VF 9 are equipped with a water-cooled permanent magnet 3-phase synchronous electric motor, with a capacity of 201 horsepower, and a 4-wheel drive system for both versions. Previously, the company announced that there are 2 different battery options, but in the technical certification, the VF 9 only has 1 400V Li-ion battery pack, 100.2 kWh capacity, and the vehicle’s charging system can accept the charging voltage. from 210V to 480V.


In the exterior, the rim parameters of the two versions of VinFast VF 9 are also different, such as the Eco version with parameters 275/45R20 and 275/40R21 for the Plus version. In addition, this pure electric SUV also uses hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels.


As expected, the pure electric SUV model VinFast VF 9 will be delivered at the end of this year along with VinFast VF 8. However, due to supply problems, the ability to supply cars to the market will be somewhat limited, even VinFast VF e34 model is also in the same situation.

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