Triumph 250cc motorbike coming soon with price from only 45.5 million VND?

It is expected that this low-cost motorcycle model will be introduced at the upcoming EICMA 2022.

Information about Triumph cooperating with Bajaj in India to produce motorcycles in the 200 – 250cc segment appeared more than a year ago, and recently began to surface again because many experts believe that Triumph cars are expensive. will be introduced at the EICMA exhibition taking place at the end of 2022.

Triumph 250cc-CafeAuto-2

Reality, Triumph has cooperated many times with Bajaj, so information about the two companies’ collaborative models in the under 300cc segment is very feasible. Experts believe that not one but two motorcycles called Triumph Bonneville 250 and Triumph Street 250 will be introduced.

Triumph 250cc-CafeAuto-3

It is expected that these Triumph 250cc models are all Have Engine block used on the Bajaj Pulsar 250 model. Tnaturally, The design will be handled by Triumph. Special, These motorcycle models will have low prices to suit the Indian market. NMany experts believe that the selling price of Triumph 250cc models in India is only equivalent to 45.5 million VND when converted into Vietnamese currency.

Of course, India is always a special market where companies always set the selling price of their products quite low. If I could return to Vietnam, It is expected that the price of this car model will increase 2 – 2.5 times. Song, Still quite good for a Triumph branded car.

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