Toyota Wigo disappeared from Vietnam’s homepage, the A-class segment became lonely

After a period of zero sales, suddenly the A-class Toyota Wigo model no longer appeared on Toyota Vietnam’s homepage.

Since its launch, Toyota Wigo quickly attracted the attention of many people, but the high price compared to the general level as well as the equipment not attractive enough makes the attraction of this car model no longer as strong as before. . Not to mention the presence of upgrades from competitors, making Wigo’s sales seem to be permanently in the penultimate position.


The last time Toyota Wigo was lightly upgraded was in July 2020, but it was still not enough to attract users’ attention. At the present time, Toyota Wigo’s sales have been zero for a while and have silently disappeared from Toyota Vietnam’s homepage.

Not only Toyota Wigo but previously Toyota Rush / Avanza no longer appear on the company’s homepage, the Avanza has been replaced by the new generation Avanza Premio variant. Meanwhile, Toyota Hilux is no longer distributed but has not been hidden.


According to many shares as well as arguments from users and sales consultants, Toyota Wigo’s discontinuation of sales is due to low sales, high prices, basic equipment,… and user tastes gradually shifting to undercarriage cars. high with a price difference that is not too much but is more practical.

According to Vama’s sales report, in June and July no Toyota Wigo was sold and from the beginning of the year until now only 488 cars have been delivered, accounting for a very small percentage of less than 2% in the class A segment. Thus, the discontinuation of Toyota Wigo leaves the small car segment with only two names: Kia Morning and Hyundai Grand i10, both originating from Korea and assembled in Vietnam.


At the present time, the class A segment is probably no longer attractive enough to users, except that the selling price is only from 350 million VND but only the standard version, if you choose the more advanced version, it also starts at 400 million VND. above. Therefore, most consumers often have the mentality of borrowing more or a little more money to upgrade to the high-clearance car segment with larger dimensions, more equipment, and better practicality.

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