Stimulating sales, Mazda 6 has better promotional prices than Kia K5

After a long time without any upgrades, recently some dealers have offered incentive programs for the Mazda 6 sedan to regain market share in the segment.

In the past, the Mazda 6 was considered a bargain with its groundbreaking design, lots of equipment, and good price, but now this D-class sedan is no longer attractive to users since the Kia Optima was upgraded to Kia. K5, Toyota Camry has undergone changes in equipment. According to statistics from Vama, in July there were only more than 80 Mazda 6 cars sold, while Kia K5 and Toyota Camry had sales of 122 and 249 cars, respectively.


Faced with that situation, many dealers have launched many incentive programs to regain market share with the highest reduction of up to 60 million VND to regain market share. Specifically, 4 versions of Mazda 6 including: 2.0L Luxury, 2.0L Premium, 2.0L Premium GTCCC and 2.5L Signature GTCCC are all reduced by 60 million VND with material insurance.

So after the discount, Mazda 6 has a selling price of 829 million VND, 889 million VND, 939 million VND and 1,049 billion VND, respectively. But with the two versions 2.0L Luxury and 2.0L Premium GTCCC, depending on the policy, there will be additional gift accessories of about 12 million VND.

Compared to other competitors, with a starting price of 829 million VND, the Mazda 6 now has a better selling price than the Kia K5, which is priced from 869 million VND, and is much cheaper than the standard Toyota Camry, priced at 1.07 billion VND.

With the advantage of domestic assembly, inheriting Kodo design lines as well as somewhat more equipment than other competitors, Mazda 6 still has some limitations such as only enough interior space. Because the front of the car is long, pushing the driving position closer to the middle, the soundproofing is not really as good as other competitors even though the cost of use is somewhat cheaper. There is currently no information about the new version of Mazda 6.

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