Maybe Toyota Vios will no longer appear in Vietnam

According to the company’s disclosure, Toyota Thailand has stopped producing the Vios model for a while, and plans to export the Yaris Ativ to 35 markets globally to replace the Vios in the future.

After officially introducing the low-cost sedan Toyota Yaris Ativ in Thailand, the company announced to stop producing the Vios model in this country’s market. Previously, Toyota distributed two different B-class sedan models, which are Yaris Ativ and Vios.


More specifically, the Toyota Yaris Ativ is a sedan version of the B-class hatchback Yaris, which is cheaper than the Vios. But in reality, the Yaris Ativ in Thailand is the Vios sold in other Southeast Asian markets like Vietnam. Meanwhile, Toyota Vios in Thailand has a design similar to older cars in China.

Also at this event, the vice president of Toyota Thailand also revealed that the company has stopped producing the Vios model for a while and plans to export the Yaris Ativ to 35 markets globally to replace the Vios in the near future. .


Previously, a Toyota Indonesia representative only confirmed that Toyota still had Vios cars to sell to Indonesian customers after a video showed workers at the Toyota Indonesia factory saying goodbye to Vios while holding signs with the words Sayonara Vios – Goodbye Vios.

In the Vietnamese market, it is still unclear whether Toyota Vios will change its name to Yaris Ativ in the future. Because Vios cars in Vietnam are assembled domestically instead of imported from Thailand, this is also one of the company’s high-selling car models and has a selling price of 489 million – 641 million VND depending on the version. copy.


Although selling well in Vietnam, in Thailand there were only 1,829 Vios sold in the first 6 months of 2022, this number is quite small compared to the Toyota Yaris Ativ of 10,648 cars. The reason may be that the selling price of the Yaris Ativ is 349 – 446 million VND cheaper, while the Vios is 394 – 511 million VND. Although the price is higher, Toyota Vios has not been upgraded for a long time, so it only has basic equipment and safety systems.

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