Many gas stations are suffering from hoarding, gasoline prices continue to fall, and oil prices exceed the 25,000 VND/liter mark

From 3:00 p.m. on September 5, 2022, the price per liter of gasoline will decrease by 370 – 430 VND, and some other oil products will also have their selling prices adjusted.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance, in this adjustment period, each liter of E5 Ron 92 and Ron 95 gasoline has a new selling price of 23,350 VND and 24,230 VND per liter, respectively. However, diesel and kerosene products are adjusted to increase specifically:

  • E5 Ron 92 gasoline reduced by 370 VND/liter, selling price no more than 23,350 VND/liter
  • Ron 95 gasoline is reduced by 430 VND/liter, the selling price is not higher than 24,230 VND/liter
  • Diesel increased by 1,430 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 25,180 VND/liter
  • Kerosene increased by 1,390 VND/liter, selling price not higher than 25,440 VND/liter
  • Fuel oil decreased by 470 VND/liter, selling price was 16,070 VND/kg


In today’s operating period, the management agency continues to not use the Price Stabilization Fund for gasoline, while diesel spends 300 VND per liter from the Stabilization Fund, and kerosene is 100 VND. The level of appropriation to the Stabilization Fund for gasoline and fuel oil products remains the same, the deduction for kerosene and diesel is reduced to 0 VND.

Domestic gasoline prices have now gone through 23 adjustment periods. Compared to the end of June, each liter of Ron 95 is about 8,640 VND cheaper, E5 Ron 92 is 7,950 VND, diesel is 4,770 VND. However, at present, this is the first time that the retail price of oil (diesel, kerosene) has exceeded the price of gasoline of all kinds.

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