Launching Honda Dio limited edition, cheap price 19.9 million VND

Honda Dio Sports Limited Edition has just been launched in the South Asian market, with a new design, body quite similar to Honda LEAD Vietnam but with a surprisingly low price.

Honda Dio Sports Limited Edition launched in India, is pcs Popular scooter but shows Honda’s efforts to bring a sporty driving experience to users. The Dio scooter line is also one of the most popular two-wheeled vehicle lines in India.

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Dio Sports Limited Edition have design Quite similar to its brother Activa, and also has some subtle features reminiscent of the national Honda LEAD scooter line in Vietnam. Dio Sports this time has new graphics, give youthful and sporty style, tattracted youth. The car has 2 color options: Metallic Silver and Sports Red together 2 versions include Standard and Premium.

Car There’s also dual suspension and there are springs that are now completely painted red. PThe Deluxe version now also has a new set of 5-spoke wheel rims.

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Dio Sports Have Single cylinder engine, 110cc capacity, maximum capacity of 7.65 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 9Nm at 4,750 rpm. This engine block is equipped with Honda’s eSP technology.

The ground clearance of Dio Sports reaches 160 mm, the vehicle weight is light at 105 kg, providing high maneuverability. The vehicle has an external fuel tank cap, engine locking stand, and telescopic fork front suspension But No disc brakes. The brake system on a drum type vehicle has CBS to help balance braking force better. LED headlights and daytime running lights are only available on the Deluxe version.

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In India, Dio Sports Standard version is priced at 68,317 RS (about 19.9 million VND), while the Deluxe version is priced at 73,317 RS (21.4 million VND). This is a very cheap price for Honda branded scooters.

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