Launching a new scooter model with a sharp, sporty appearance, competing with the Honda ADV150

MMBCU is a scooter model that specializes in running in the city, possessing a sharp, sporty appearance. It is expected that this car will compete with Honda ADV150.

Scooters still dominate the roads in most Asian countries. This is considered a reasonable choice when gas prices increase and traffic density is dense. CThey are also inexpensive to operate and maintain.

When it comes to scooters, there are two schools of design: one is The scooter exudes a classic style and The second is to favor modern beauty with a sporty character. MMBCU – SYM’s newest product – is in this second group.

SYM MMBCU-CafeAuto-2

SYM’s latest scooter really has a unique look. Some people even compare it to the Kawasaki H2. Car Have sharp edges and triangular bodywork. Right in the middle of the mask is an extremely aggressive LED headlight.

SYM MMBCU-CafeAuto-3

The MMBCU is equipped with a 150.8cc, four-valve, liquid-cooled engine. Until now, SYM has not yet revealed the car’s power and torque output. MMBCU’s fork system includes a front telescopic fork and an adjustable rear monoshock.

The bike has traction control technology, dual-channel ABS and disc brakes at both ends. The MMBCU has 13-inch alloy wheels and a total vehicle weight of 136kg.

SYM MMBCU-CafeAuto-4

The car is fully equipped with amenities such as silent start, idle engine shutdown and digital LCD instrument cluster. USB charging socket, 28-liter trunk, enough to hold a helmet. GThe front basket can hold a 700ml water bottle. This is a convenient highlight for those who often travel far and want to bring all the essential items.

MMBCU is currently sold exclusively in China and Taiwan. But it’s possible car will be soon debut in other Asian countries. SYM has not yet revealed the official selling price of the car model.

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