It’s just a “grass” car, but the price of the Nissan Almera’s headlights shocks many people

Recently, a repair quote from Nissan Almera surprised people by the selling price of up to 40 million VND for one headlight.

B-segment cars are chosen by many people because their selling price is not too high, reasonable use value as well as reasonable car maintenance costs. Among them, prominent models such as Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent, Honda City and besides that there are still many names such as Mitsubishi Attrage, Kia Soluto or Nissan Almera.


But recently on the Nissan Almera car group, there was a stir because of a price quote that attracted attention because the headlight spare parts had a quite high value of up to 39.85 million VND, excluding VAT, fog lights and labor. replacement work.

If you do a quick calculation to replace the entire set of headlights on both sides, the user will have to spend more than 87 million VND, not including other labor costs. It is known that the price of the highest version of Nissan Almera is 595 million VND, excluding on-road costs, so the value of the headlight set accounts for nearly 1/7 of the car’s value.


The price of this headlight set makes many people confused, because in this segment, in addition to the car’s selling price, users also care a lot about operating costs, because if a problem occurs, it will cost more than 80 million VND. million VND to replace the lighting system is not an easy task.

Also in this segment, Toyota Vios and Honda City also use LED lighting systems but their prices only range from 15 to 25 million VND. In a slightly higher segment, the Kia Seltos costs about 46 million VND to replace the headlights, and the Toyota Raize costs about 27 million VND.


However, the lighting system of Nissan Almera versions E and EL only costs nearly 10 million VND due to using halogen headlights, excluding taxes and other costs. Many people jokingly say that if something goes wrong, they should buy the E and EL light sets and then go out and add a pair of bi-Led or even bi-Laser lights for greater performance but at a nearly cheaper price. Twice as much as original LED lights.


Nissan Almera is a fairly new B-class car in the Vietnamese market. It was welcomed by many people, but then it was criticized by the lack of a heating system, leading to blurred driving glasses when driving in the cold season. The new version has overcome this situation, but for cars already sold, the company and dealers have uneven coordination, leading to this system not being added to the old version.

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