In the month of Ngau, the auto market has many promotions, but not great ones

Like every year, in the month of Ngau, many car models receive price incentives, but this year is a bit different.

Most car models on the market have their own promotions, some car models that had different selling prices also enjoy discounts. However, this year’s promotions are not as strong as previous years due to scarcity and the supply of components is not abundant to meet market demand.

Specifically, with Kia models, there are average reductions from 5 to 15 million VND for each model. The Kia K3, the most popular car model in the C-segment, is also given incentives, but depending on the version, it will be available or wait your turn to receive the car.

With Mazda, most car models have incentives, of which Mazda CX-5 has a cash incentive of about 40 million VND, Mazda 3 and 6 have a good discount of about 60 million VND depending on version and policy. dealer, in addition, additional accessories will be included.

As for the Hyundai Creta, which will be included from the time of sale, it is also reduced by an average of 15 to 20 million VND for all versions. But buyers have to sign and wait for some versions with high purchasing power and depending on the actual situation of the dealer, the number of available Creta cars is very small.


Hyundai Accent is also offered by sales consultants a discount of 17 to 20 million VND depending on the version and includes some additional accessories when buying a car at the present time. With Hyundai Tucson, dealers will have a lower price than before and many other accessories.

According to some sales consultants, the current price of Hyundai Tucson is about 30 million VND higher than the suggested price, previously the car had a difference of 50 to 100 million VND. Currently all versions are available, but some colors will have smaller quantities and few places can deliver the car immediately.


Toyota is no exception when some car models such as Toyota Camry and Corolla Altis have cash discounts ranging from 20 to 30 million VND depending on the season. In addition, the B-class sedan Toyota Vios also has an average reduction of 40 million VND at some dealers.

Similarly, Honda car models all have quite strong discounts compared to the general level, specifically Honda Civic depending on the version will have different discounts, but the average is about 50 million VND including cash and accessories, crossover models. CR-V is similar but has a higher value of up to 70 million VND.

According to folklore, the Ngau month, also known as the month of ghosts, is a time when shopping is taboo because it will bring many misfortunes during use, so this is also the time when all purchases are somewhat gloomy. quieter. However, due to political reasons and epidemics, this year’s supply to the auto industry has been limited, pushing up car prices while the demand for cars is increasing, leading to scarcity.

Therefore, many car models are currently out of stock and users are forced to wait to receive the car. Since then, stimulus promotions like every year are no longer available, and discounts appear almost for everyone. there are rules. Some car lines promote price subsidies, which is considered to clear inventory before launching new versions for sale.

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