Honda Vision suddenly dropped sharply to nearly the suggested price of 29.99 million VND

All versions of Honda Vision at dealers are seeing sharp and unexpected discounts.

After When source can be overcome cung, the price of Honda Vision is no longer as high as it was in early June and July. Notably, all versions of Honda Vision at dealers are dropping sharply and unexpectedly.

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In In Ho Chi Minh City, the standard version of Honda Vision is currently priced at only 35.1 million VND, the high-end version is currently priced at 38.675 million VND, and the special version is priced at 39.77 million VND. and Personalized version has a selling price of 40-42 million VND.

Thus, all versions are priced down by 10 – 15 million VND compared to the beginning of July.

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MSome Honda dealers in Hanoi also reduced the price of Honda Vision to 33 million VND. With At this selling price, Honda Vision only sells with a difference of more than 3 million VND, completely different from the previous difference.

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The company’s listed prices are: Standard: 29.99 million VND, high-end 30.7 million VND, special: 31.99 million VND and personalized 34.49 million VND.

Explaining the reason for the sharp drop in Honda Vision prices, a salesperson at Honda said: “The car company has found a new source of components so it can overcome the lack of supply, including not only Vision cars but also some car models. Honda’s products will also have a sharp discount compared to before.”

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