Honda HR-V opens with a discount of hundreds of millions, but only the old version

Currently, Honda HR-V has cumulative incentives of up to nearly a hundred million VND, but only applies to old models that need to be cleared.

Although the new version of the Honda HR-V was launched not long ago, there is still a certain amount left in stock at Honda dealers. And to quickly clear the warehouse, many dealers have applied promotions from the company and showroom policies with a cumulative amount of nearly 100 million VND for the old version of Honda HR-V, in addition, some places also strongly give extra bonuses. accessories or body insurance.

honda hr v

Compared to previous discounts, this discount is still lighter than the previous period, especially the period after the epidemic and before the launch of the new version. The discounted versions this time are mainly version G with a listed price of 786 million VND.

honda hr v

The predecessor generation of the Honda HR-V made an impression thanks to its imposing appearance and somewhat smoother design compared to its competitors. However, the price of the Honda HR-V is positioned quite high compared to the general level with an engine of only 1.8L, causing many people to switch to a new car model with an affordable price and more practical use value. .

honda hr v

Regarding the new generation of Honda HR-V, it is considered a complete transformation when using a 1.5L engine for a capacity of up to 174 horsepower, 240Nm, in addition to the additional Honda Sensing driving assistance package available on all All versions with outstanding features such as CMBS collision mitigation braking, LKAS lane keeping assist, RDM lane departure mitigation, AHB automatic adaptive headlights, ACC active cruise control with integrated LSF and notify the vehicle in front to move LCDN.

Although completely upgraded with many new features from the exterior, interior, equipment and engine, the selling price of the Honda HR-V 2022 is still higher than the average when listed from 826 to 871 million VND. . Meanwhile, competitors such as Kia Seltos or Hyundai Creta have significantly cheaper prices.

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