2 car companies with few customers in Vietnam are about to have new hybrid products, will they be enough to boost sales?

Nissan Kicks and Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid have just had their official fuel consumption announced by the Registry Department, so it can be seen that the launch date of the above two models is not too far away.

The Hybrid car market in Vietnam has quite a few representatives, because these cars are often not cheap and are somewhat more complicated to repair. Currently, there are only names like Toyota Corolla Cross, Camry, Corolla Altis, and there are also some other representatives but in the more expensive segment from Lexus, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, etc.


However, in the near future there will be two new names: Nissan Kicks and Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid, which have just had their official fuel consumption announced by the Vietnam Register. This is also one of the important steps for a car before it is officially sold.


Specifically, the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid version will have 2 versions: GL 5MT using manual transmission and GLX 4AT using automatic transmission. The GL 5MT version has a combined / urban / non-urban fuel consumption of 5.38 / 5.95 / 5.05 liters per 100km while for the GLX 4AT it is 5.69 / 6.42 / 5.27 liters for 100km.

Both Suzuki Ertiga versions are equipped with a mild Hybrid system with a 1.5L KB15 engine combined with an integrated starter generator (ISG) and a Li-ion battery pack, using a voltage of 48V. Remember that it has more optimal fuel consumption compared to conventional versions.


As for Nissan Kicks, there will also be 2 versions E and V equipped with Hybrid e-Power system with 1.2L 3-cylinder engine, combined with automatic transmission and 1-wheel drive system with the posted design. Signed as hatchback.


According to the Registry Department, the E and V versions of Nissan Kicks both have fuel consumption on combined / urban / non-urban cycles of 4.6 / 2.2 / 6.1 liters per 100 km for both versions. E and V. Notably, this is a rare car model with lower fuel consumption parameters in urban areas than on road and mixed roads.

Suzuki and Nissan dealers are currently offering to accept deposits and are expected to launch in August or September. According to information from the Registry Department, these two new car models are imported complete units from the Thai market.

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