10-seat limousine buses continue to be used

Many conflicting opinions about converting cars from 10 seats to less than 10 seats are banned, causing a lot of confusion. Recently, the Ministry of Transport rejected the above information.

Specifically related to Decree 47/2022 effective from September 1, 2022, which stipulates that vehicles converted from 10 seats or more to less than 10 seats will be banned from operating, causing many people to complain to many people. different opinions.


However, the Ministry of Transport said that the Decree only prohibits vehicles converted from more than 10 seats to less than 10 seats used for passenger transport business purposes, but the above converted vehicles are used for internal transportation or serving passengers. Transportation for personal needs is still allowed.

The above types of vehicles are often used by passenger transport companies as limousines to attract customers. Most of these vehicles are 16-seat vehicles converted to 10 seats to expand space. , providing more amenities will not be affected by the regulations in Decree 47/2022.


In addition, another regulation in Decree 47/2022 is “not using cars with similar designs to cars with 9 seats (including the driver) or more to do passenger transport business by taxi”. The Ministry of Transport said that this regulation aims to prevent the conversion of cars with a capacity of 16 seats into cars with less than 9 seats for taxi business. Because 16-seat cars have a large wheelbase, when operating in urban areas, especially in the inner cities of large cities, it will cause the use of road surface area and increase traffic congestion.

In addition, Decree 47/2022 inherits Decree 10/2020 of the Government previously issued. Cars with over 10 seats converted to less than 10 seats that have been issued badges and nameplates before September 1 will continue to be used for passenger transport business until the end of their useful life.

Along with that, based on the actual situation, the Ministry of Transport proposed to the Prime Minister to allow the implementation of regulations on not using cars converted from those with a capacity of 10 seats or more to cars with less than 10 seats for transport business. passengers for 6 months to 1 year. After the above time, the policy will be re-evaluated. If the policy has a good impact on traffic organization in large urban areas and has little impact on the business activities of transport units, then continue to implement it. If the impact is large and not good on the transport business unit and the people, it should be amended and adjusted.

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