Will VinFast Evo200 become the “national electric motorbike” in the Vietnamese market in the near future?

According to the Vietnamese car company, after only 48 hours of opening for sale (from the morning of September 21), two electric motorbike models VinFast Evo200 and Evo200 Lite have received more than 18,000 orders. This number is equivalent to nearly 40% of sales of the best-selling gasoline model in the popular scooter segment in August 2022.

The first VinFast Evo200 and Evo200 Lite were officially handed over to customers by the Vietnamese car company in an event that took place yesterday (September 29, 2022) at the factory in Hai Phong. This is also the newest electric motorbike model, capable of traveling the farthest but with the lowest resale price among VinFast’s new generation product lines.

VinFast Evo200 was first launched in April 2022, along with upgraded car models including upgraded versions of Feliz S, Klara S, Vento S and Theon S. Evo200 quickly reached 18,000 orders after only 48 hours to receive deposits and become the best-selling motorbike model from September 21, 2022.

With a slightly elegant, Italian design similar to Piaggio and Vespa models, it is environmentally friendly and the price is quite affordable for the majority of consumers. That is also the reason why VinFast Evo200 has attracted great attention right from the time of launch and has been awaited by many customers.

Not to mention, the advantage of VinFast Evo200 is its superior mobility compared to existing VinFast models with a distance of up to more than 200 km on a full charge. The car has 2 versions including the Evo200 with a maximum speed of up to 70 km/h and the Evo200 Lite which is limited to a maximum speed of only 49 km/h to suit students because it does not require a driver’s license.

In addition, the vehicle’s battery and engine also meet IP67 waterproof standards, allowing the vehicle to operate stably at a water level of 0.5 m for 30 minutes. Both VinFast Evo200 and Evo200 Lite versions cost only 22 million VND (including VAT and 400W charger).

Currently, VinFast is implementing a battery rental policy with two fixed and flexible subscription packages. The fixed subscription package costs 350,000 VND/month (unlimited kilometers) and the flexible subscription package costs 189,000 VND/month (limited distance traveled 500 km/month, with each additional kilometer for guests goods pay an additional 374 VND/km). Besides, buyers can also choose to buy the battery outright for 19.9 million VND/battery.

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