Why doesn’t Nissan Terra appear on the roads forever?

Once a craze when launched in the Vietnamese market, receiving a lot of compliments, however, the fate of Nissan Terra is a gloomy story at the present time.

Perhaps Nissan is one of the brands with a rather tragic fate in the Vietnamese market. Since breaking off with Tan Chong, leaving Vama and moving to a new distributor, the Japanese car company has become quiet. much more than before.


Accordingly, the new distributor, Vietnam Automobile Industry Development Company Limited (VAD), has promised long-term plans for its dealer system, products, services and customers. Specifically, focusing on developing the dealer network, expanding and improving the product portfolio, improving service quality and accompanying customer care policies.

However, at the present time, Nissan still does not have many outstanding media activities. Car launches and vehicle introductions are almost absent or only through livestreams and online forms, even though the epidemic period has not occurred. Meanwhile, prevention regulations have also been relaxed almost completely.


Recently, when mentioning Nissan, most users only receive information about the delayed launch of the Nissan Kick model, the expensive price of the headlights or the addition of a heating system to the Almera sedan. constantly being changed, the most positive news is that the Navara pickup model was updated to a new version not long ago.

Not only that, but recently Nissan’s showrooms have shrunk, with very few new dealerships being opened, because the variety of new car models no longer exists. The number of users is not as large as before, in addition, after the increase in repair quotes from users on groups, it also makes many people feel discouraged because it is somewhat higher than the general average, although this is only are popular car models.


Going back to the Nissan Terra model, it’s hard to deny that this is a good car. If compared in terms of design, at the time of launch, the car had a versatile visual language suitable for many customers, but compared to current competitors, the car is somewhat older.

Regarding the interior of the Nissan Terra, there are many mixed opinions, but most people think that the car’s steering wheel is not really beautifully designed even though it has a lot of equipment that is still trendy at the present time. The new version of Nissan Terra has overcome this factor but does not have an official launch date.


In terms of usability, the Nissan Terra has all the basic features, and even more advanced ones such as the second row seat button, rear air vent, and a series of driving assistance features such as collision warning and alarm. Lane departure warning, 360 camera, downhill assist, hill start, cruise control… Although the second row of seats cannot move forward or backward, the space in row 3 is relatively stable for the body condition of Vietnamese people.

It’s quite a pity that while most users of SUVs prefer diesel motorbikes, the Nissan Terra cannot do this. The diesel engine configuration is only available on the manual version, the automatic versions are only equipped with a 2.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of only 169 horsepower, 241 Nm, the 7-speed gearbox is not too low but is a bit clunky. Compared to the mass of nearly 2 tons of Terra version V.


Although the engine parameters are not weak, they are not suitable for the majority of users’ tastes because they have higher fuel consumption than competitors using diesel engines, so it is difficult to win the hearts of motorists. services, and family groups will often buy cars according to crowd psychology rather than going against the trend.

The use of gasoline engines and unattractive interior design are two factors that make Nissan Terra’s sales not as expected even though the equipment, exterior, and usable space are all much better. Recently, a new version of the Nissan Terra 2022 just appeared in Hanoi, but there is still no engine improvement, which has made many people disappointed and switch to other options.


Because of the above factors, sales are so low that the number of Nissan Terras on the used car market is not too much, and if there were, the resale price would hardly be as expected. Normally, the vast majority of users when choosing a used car often focus on factors such as brand coverage, cost of use/maintenance/repair,… those things Nissan Terra does not have, so only these Only those who understand and have feelings for the brand and don’t care about liquidity will actually choose to spend money to order.

From a car model that was considered an equal competitor to Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Nissan Terra now has the same fate as Isuzu Mu-X when sales are not too high despite a lot of expectations. when released to the market.

Currently, Nissan’s sales consultants are inviting deposits for the new generation Terra with an expected price of about 1.1 billion VND with many new upgrades, notably the improved interior in a more modern direction, however the structure The engine image is still a question mark, whether the Japanese automaker will change its stance or simply update to refresh the product list.

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