VinFast will remove the battery exchange service for 3 electric motorbike models from November 2022

VinFast has just sent a notice to stop the battery exchange service for Ludo, Impes and Klara S electric motorbikes from November 2022.

With the purpose of focusing on developing battery rental services after surveying the needs of customers using VinFast electric motorbikes, from November 1, 2022, VinFast will stop providing battery exchange services for customers. Electric motorbike lines: Ludo, Impes and Klara S.

However, not forgetting to thank and be grateful to customers who have trusted and chosen the company’s electric motorbikes in general and the 3 electric motorbike models mentioned above, VinFast will give you 6 months of free battery subscription.

According to VinFast, the decision to abandon this battery exchange service is to focus on developing the battery rental service. Stopping battery exchange helps VinFast focus resources on improving the quality of battery rental services.

This electric motorbike battery exchange service has been implemented by VinFast since 2020 with a one-time exchange fee of 25,000 VND. This method will help manufacturers proactively control quality and handle batteries when necessary, avoiding risks to users and harm to the environment.

Normally, customers who buy VinFast electric motorbikes can choose to buy the battery separately for 8.6 million VND or rent the battery. In case of battery rental, the deposit fee is 1.2 million VND/battery and purchasing an additional charger is 1.1 million VND. Battery rental fee is 220,000 VND/month, for Ludo, Impes and Klara S vehicles.

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