Users can charge electric vehicles at Petrolimex gas stations

VinFast Trading & Services Company Limited and Vietnam Petroleum Group have officially opened electric vehicle charging station services at the first 10 petrol stations out of more than 500 planned Petrolimex locations in all three regions. North Central South.

Specifically, the first petrol stations selected by Petrolimex and VinFast to deploy electric vehicle charging station services are located from Dien Bien, Phu Tho, Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Tien Giang to Ca Mau. All have easy-to-access locations on national and provincial highways to bring convenience, peace of mind and seamless experience to electric car users.


According to the plan, at Petrolimex petrol stations there will be 60kW, 150kW and 300kW fast charging poles according to CCS2 standards. VinFast charging stations all meet European standards ISO-15118 and IEC 61851, ensuring maximum safety in terms of power source and fire and explosion prevention, electric leakage protection and waterproofing.

Providing VinFast electric vehicle charging station services at the Petrolimex gas station system is a step to concretize the Cooperation Agreement that the two sides signed in June 2022. Accordingly, it is expected that in the two years 2022-2023, more than 500 VinFast electric vehicle charging stations will be installed and serve customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly gasoline pumps within the premises of Petrolimex petroleum stores. nationwide.


Director of VinFast Charging Station Development Center said: “VinFast and Petrolimex share a common vision of promoting the use of clean, environmentally friendly energy to create a green future for everyone. Cooperation helps promote the strengths of both sides, thereby bringing a superior experience to customers. This is also an effort in VinFast’s pure-electric strategy, to create a comprehensive electric vehicle support ecosystem, providing an increasingly flexible, convenient and accessible charging experience for all customers. Electric Car”.

In the next phase, the two sides will continue to research suitable locations to expand the electric vehicle charging service network, meeting customer needs as well as future development directions.


Deputy General Director of Petrolimex said: “In the trend of strong global energy transition, responding to the Government’s commitment at COP26, Petrolimex has always shown its pioneering role by providing high-quality standard petroleum products that meet the needs of customers. environmental requirements to cooperating with partners to research and develop new green and clean energy products, gradually adapting to the inevitable energy transition trend that is taking place. Cooperating with VinFast in the 2022-2027 period on developing electric vehicle charging stations is a step in line with Petrolimex’s strategic development orientation from now to 2030, with a vision to 2045 of gradually transforming Petrolimex into a Green, clean, environmentally friendly energy group; At the same time, it is also an important step in the process of transforming Petrolimex’s petroleum station system into a smart, modern model, fully integrated with utilities to bring more benefits to consumers and consumers. community”.

Along with cooperating with major partners such as Petrolimex, VinFast is also proactively building charging station infrastructure and a nationwide system of service workshops, meeting the needs of consumers on every road.

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