Under pressure from new competitors, Mazda strongly supports prices, including giving away registration fees

Distributor Mazda has just launched a series of incentives for cars of this brand with the highest discount up to 110 million VND.

Specifically, two sedan models Mazda 6 and Mazda 3 are being supported with 100% registration fee in October for the Deluxe version. Particularly, the Mazda 3 Luxury and Sport Luxury/Premium sedan versions also come with one year of redeemable material insurance.

If converted into cash, the Mazda 3 will have a selling price of about 602 million VND, this price is only about 10 million VND higher than the B-class sedan Toyota Vios 1.5 G even though both are not in the same segment. This price support is to help Mazda 3 compete better with other competitors such as Kia K3, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla Altis or Honda Civic, which have all been upgraded.


Mazda 6 alone enjoys the highest incentives with a conversion rate of about 110 million VND. If you calculate quickly, the price after promotion is only from 799 million VND. This price is relatively attractive when compared to other competitors. Even though it was launched a long time ago, at the present time, the design and equipment of the Mazda 6 are still not outdated.

In addition, other car models such as Mazda 2, Mazda CX – 3, Mazda CX – 30 and Mazda BT – 50 also have different subsidy levels. Specifically, Mazda BT – 50 has a discount of 20 million VND, Mazda 2 has a discount of 25 – 40 million VND, Mazda CX – 3 and Mazda CX – 30 have price incentives of 20 to 50 million VND. The above car models all come with 1 year of physical insurance that can be converted into cash.

The remaining two SUV models, Mazda CX – 5 and Mazda CX – 8, are also subsidized from 20 – 40 million VND. Applicable depending on vehicle model and version. Notably, despite good sales, the above two car models are still delivered immediately when users order without having to wait like other competitors.

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