The Traffic Police Department “strengthens” strict handling of the act of hiding license plates

The Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security has just directed the national traffic police force to inspect and strictly handle acts of using license plates, covering or changing license plate identification, etc.

Specifically, the Traffic Police Department (C08) of the Ministry of Public Security said that this agency has just directed the national traffic police force to perform well the registration and management of circulation of road vehicles, proactively coordinate inspection, Strictly manage the production and issuance process of license plates of companies that produce license plates for local police.

C08 directs the Traffic Police force to coordinate with grassroots police and professional forces to strictly handle subjects showing signs of illegally producing and trading license plates in the area to investigate, verify and handle. according to regulations of the Law.


Through professional activities such as patrolling, controlling, handling administrative violations, vehicle registration, investigating and resolving traffic accidents, the traffic police force will compare with the database to handle violations, traffic order and safety monitoring system, national population database and coordination with toll collection units on routes, management areas… to detect cases of motor vehicles The license plate does not match the vehicle registration certificate or the license plate is not issued by a competent authority, cases of painting or stickers that change the numbers,…

When detecting the above violations, Traffic Police proactively investigate and verify to strictly handle them according to the provisions of law.

Previously, on social networking groups, many images of cars were shared using tape, masks, or other forms to partially cover or distort license plates to avoid prosecution. Penalties for violations include fines or avoiding paying tolls when participating in traffic.

According to Decree 123/2022, the act of driving a car without having enough license plates or having the license plate in the wrong position, having a license plate with unclear letters and numbers, having a license plate that is bent, obscured, or Damage, painting, adding stickers that change letters, numbers or change the color of letters… will be fined 4-6 million VND, instead of 800-1 million VND as previously stipulated in Decree 100/2019. .

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