Revealing the first Ferrari SF90 Spider to Vietnam: a convertible supercar with nearly 1,000 horsepower

Although launched in 2020, after nearly 2 years, the Vietnamese market has the first Ferrari SF90 Spider arriving.

Recently, a community of supercar lovers in Vietnam posted a picture of a Ferrari SF90 with the bright red paint color Rosso Corsa typical of the Italian prancing horse brand. Notably, the car had its rear bumper removed and was located in an emissions registration center – where new car models arriving in Vietnam must go. Not stopping there, this “super horse” is the Spider version.


Thus, after nearly 2 years since its launch in the global market in November 2020, the Ferrari SF90 Spider first appeared in Vietnam. It is likely that this supercar already has an owner, because if it is brought back under temporary import for re-export like previous Ferraris, the car will not need to go through emissions registration procedures.


Basically, the Ferrari SF90 Spider is not too different from the Stradale version, which already has three units in our country. With a sporty design and completely new style, the SF90 Spider quickly attracted car enthusiasts globally – especially the European or North American markets.

ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-3 ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-4

One detail to distinguish the convertible variant (Spider) from the hardtop variant (Stradale) of the Ferrari SF90 model is that the shark fin antenna is not located on the hood, instead located in front of the engine cover. (the part of the compartment lid that holds the hood when closed). Unlike other Spider “brothers” with closed engine covers, the SF90 convertible still retains the transparent engine cover from the Stradale version.


Folding roof system on Ferrari SF90 Spider It is soundproof and not affected when operating at high speeds but still provides a particularly comfortable space for passengers. The roof structure is compact, simple and quite light, can be opened/closed within 14 seconds even when the car is moving.


The plug-in hybrid system equipped with the SF90 Spider provides unprecedented performance in any other commercial convertible model: the car’s 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 796 horsepower has been increased. Powered by three electric motors – two on the front axle and one at the rear, bringing total power to 986 horsepower and maximum torque of 800 Nm.


There are 3 power modes for the driver to choose from including eDrive, Hybrid, Performance and Qualify on the all-new eManettino driving mode system. Like the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider is also equipped with an AWD powertrain, helping the car accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7.0 seconds.


In the US market, Ferrari SF90 Spider is priced from 557,000 USD (~ 13.2 billion VND). If you pay all taxes and fees in Vietnam, this supercar will be worth more than 40 billion VND. This price is still significantly cheaper than Lamborghini Aventador models with a rolling price of about 70 billion VND. However, the SF90 is not limited in production like the Aventador.

ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-9 ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-10

Up to now, there have been about 5 Ferrari SF90s docked in Vietnam, however two of them that were temporarily imported for re-export are no longer in our country. The remaining three cars all have owners living in Ho Chi Minh City, all have the same Rosso Corsa red exterior but differ in some exterior options.

ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-11 ferrari-sf90-spider-ve-viet-nam-cafeautovn-12

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