Priced at over 4 billion, what does Toyota Highlander Limited imported to the US have for Vietnamese giants to choose?

With a price equivalent to a genuine Land Cruiser 300, the US-imported Toyota Highlander Limited is still chosen by some Vietnamese giants to buy.

In Vietnam, besides Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 570/LX 600, Toyota Highlander is also a car model chosen by Vietnamese tycoons even though the price is not cheap. This 2021 Highlander is imported to our country through a private importer, with an after-tax price of about more than 4.1 billion VND – more expensive than a genuine Volvo XC90 Inscription.


In this new generation, Toyota Highlander There are many changes to the exterior design. The car’s chassis is a new type called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), like the Camry model. The Limited version brought to Vietnam is a high-end version, second only to Platinum.


The car’s length, width, and height dimensions are 4,950, 1,930, 1,730, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm and ground clearance of 203 mm. Compared to its predecessor, the length of the 2021 Highlander is 60 mm larger. The wheels on the Highlander Limited are 18 inches chrome-plated, providing a more premium appearance.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-3 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-4

The front of the car has a grille made up of shiny chrome-plated rounded lines. Both sides of the small air vents integrate LED technology fog lights. Below there is an extended air intake made of black painted plastic to increase the car’s highlight. LED technology lighting cluster with headlights that automatically turn on/off and adjust the projection angle, however the turn signals are halogen lights.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-5 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-6

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-7 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-8

The rear of the car still has the same soft design as the front, with a simple black painted rear bumper with two reflectors placed in small pockets. The LED technology taillight cluster has more angular lines, but still uses halogen lights for the turn signals.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-9 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-20

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-21 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-22

With a budget of more than 4 billion VND, Vietnamese consumers receive one Toyota Highlander AWD 2021 Imported from the US with standard equipment is the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 safety technology package. This technology package includes lane departure warning, blind spot warning, front/rear anti-collision system, sign reading, etc. The rearview mirror has an integrated heating feature and a camera in the 360-degree Camera system, but it’s a pity. when there is no electric folding with the push of a button.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-23 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-4

The interior of this 2021 Toyota Highlander Limited uses two main color tones: beige and brown. The dashboard behind the steering wheel is an LCD screen combined with analog. In the middle of the dashboard there is an entertainment screen up to 12.3 inches in size, supporting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The sound system is a high-end JBL type with 11 speakers.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-15 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-6

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-7 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-8

The front seats can be electrically adjusted (driver’s seat remembers 3 positions), and come with heating and cooling features. Meanwhile, the remaining two rows of seats only have mechanical adjustment. The car’s steering wheel is also mechanically adjustable instead of electrically adjustable. In addition, the two rear rows of seats have independent air conditioning systems. The car is not equipped with a panoramic sunroof but still has a sunroof in the front row.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-19 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-20

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-21 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-22

There are three driving modes on the Toyota Highlander 2021: Sport, Normal and Eco. Besides, there are two additional modes: Mud/Sand (mud/sand) and Rock (rock) with electronic balance system, downhill support and engine shutdown and Snow (snow road). Below the armrest there is a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-23 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-24

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-27 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-26

The storage space of the SUV model, which is a competitor of the Ford Explorer in the US, is not too small when the third row of seats is opened, with a storage capacity of 391 liters. If you fold the third row of seats, the capacity will increase to 1,197 liters and 2,370 liters when folding both rows of seats. This space is quite good for a family of four but will be cramped if 6-7 people need to go.

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-27 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-28

toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-29 toyota-highlander-limited-2020-cafeautovn-30

The Toyota Highlander Limited 2021 This vehicle is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, producing a maximum capacity of 295 horsepower and maximum torque of 356 Nm, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and AWD full-time four-wheel drive system. . Thanks to that, the car can accelerate from 0-96 km/h in just 6.7 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 185 km/h.

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