Just launched in Vietnam, a pair of new Honda cars were recalled for an unexpected error

Specifically, more than 400 Honda cars including Civic and HR-V will be recalled this time, these are all new models launched in the Vietnamese market this year.

On October 4, the Vietnam Register approved a recall program for 408 vehicles including Honda Civic versions E and G and Honda HR-V 2022 versions L and RS manufactured from April 20 – June 30, 2022.

Honda City

According to Honda Vietnam, the cause came from a fault in the driver’s seat. During the durability test, the supplier discovered that the weld in the driver’s seat cushion frame could peel off when a collision occurs. This causes driver-related safety features to not function as expected and may affect the user’s safety.

The company also said that there are currently no safety incidents caused by driver seat errors of the Civic and HR-V 2022. Honda Vietnam recommends that users quickly bring their vehicles to genuine dealers nationwide for inspection and free replacement of the cushion frame under the driver’s seat according to standards. The recall period will start from October 5, 2022 and end on October 5, 2023. Inspection and repair time is expected to be about 2 hours/vehicle.

Honda Civic and HR-V 2022 sold in Vietnam are both imported complete units from Thailand. The C-class sedan is priced at 730 million, 770 million, 870 million VND for the 3 versions E, G and RS, and the HRV is priced from 826 – 871 million VND for the 2 versions L and RS.

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