How good is the Kawasaki Z H2 SE super product but the price is the same as a car, more than 700 million VND in Vietnam

The upcoming large displacement vehicle market in Vietnam will be much more exciting when receiving new names from Kawasaki, typically the all-new Z H2 SE and selling price from 770 million VND.

The Hyper-naked version of the Ninja H2, Kawasaki Z-H2 SE, has arrived in Vietnam and will be officially introduced on September 18. Similar to the Ninja H2, the all-new Kawasaki Z H2 SE is also equipped with a powerful supercharger (SuperCharged), producing nearly 200 horsepower.

The flagship Kawasaki Z H2 SE in the Z-Series line possesses remarkable, top-notch technical specifications, the new generation is upgraded with Showa Skyhook suspension and high-performance Brembo Stylema brake calipers.

The new Z H2 SE was developed to provide a more exciting and comfortable driving experience and feeling, with significantly improved performance from the previous generation. Kawasaki Z H2 SE retains the same Sugomi design as on the standard version.

Kawasaki has upgraded this new Z H2 SE to the Showa electronic fork system with Skyhook Control technology, providing the ability to adjust the fork quickly and continuously within a period of 1/1000 seconds.

Thanks to the electronic fork system with this new Skyhook Control technology, the Kawasaki Z H2 SE always ensures absolutely stable operating status at all speed ranges. Even when encountering emergency braking situations, the electronic suspension system will take into account the deceleration force and adjust the state of the fork.

In addition, the Kawasaki Z H2 SE is also upgraded with a disc brake system including Brembo Stylema brake calipers, providing braking performance commensurate with the performance from the powerful 4-cylinder engine. There is no doubt that Brembo Stylema is considered the standard braking system for today’s outstanding performance superbikes.

Kawasaki Z H2 SE uses a 998cc supercharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine, producing a maximum capacity of 197 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and maximum torque of 137 Nm from 8,500 rpm. Comes with a 6-speed gearbox and 2-way up/down Quickshifter gearshift support technology.

Regarding the electronics on the Kawasaki Z H2 SE, first of all, the inertial measurement unit (IMU) controller installed on the vehicle will control the Kawasaki Intelligent Braking System (KIBS) and Power Control. Kawasaki traction (KTRC). In addition, part of the IMU controller will be used for the cruise control system, Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM), Kawasaki Cornering Management Function (KCMF) and three riding modes.

The information system is displayed via a TFT-LCD screen connected to the driver’s smartphone. Quick shift technology is standard equipment and LED lighting is used throughout, the super product Z H2 SE is 240 kg.

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