Good priced scooter models have performance not inferior to Honda Vision

The Honda Vision scooter model is having a price increase again or is out of supply, but there are still models with equivalent performance but at a cheaper price.

Student admission season has arrived, the small scooter segment has become popular because of its convenience such as flexibility, compactness, and fuel economy. Among them, Honda Vision is the most popular name but is currently facing a shortage of goods and price channels, so many buyers will have difficulty. However, besides that, there are still some other names with equally good performance and more affordable prices.

Yamaha Mio M3

Many years ago, Yamaha Mio used to be a popular car model for many people because of its compactness, flexibility, and operating performance that was somewhat superior to competitors in the segment. However, fuel consumption is quite high as well as changing user tastes, so gradually Yamaha Mio is no longer the optimal choice, and is no longer sold authentically in Vietnam.

Honda Vision

However, the new generation of Yamaha Mio has been imported by units to the Vietnamese market at a price of more than 31 million VND. The new version of Yamaha Mio M3 has been more optimized in terms of fuel economy thanks to the use of a Blue Core 125 engine with a capacity of 9.3 horsepower, 9.6Nm.

Yamaha Mio M3 still retains the advantages from previous generations and is suitable for urban users who need a compact vehicle that is easy to maneuver in narrow spaces. However, the Yamaha Mio M3 still uses halogen lights, a traditional mechanical speedometer, and the trunk is not really spacious with a capacity of just over 10L.

Benelli VZ125

This is a scooter model that is more suitable for men thanks to its angular, sporty design. Benelli VZ125 also has many modern equipment such as LED headlights, LCD clock,… with a starting price of 29 million VND.

Honda Vision

The vehicle is equipped with a 124cc engine, FI electronic fuel injection, air-cooled. In addition, the fuel tank capacity is quite large, up to 4.9L, allowing for longer operating distances. The limitation of this car model comes from its appearance, which is not pleasing to the eyes of women.

Yamaha FreeGo

Although its appearance is somewhat different from the majority on the market, Yamaha FreeGo has many modern equipment such as LED front lighting system, LCD digital driving meter, 12V charging port, fuel tank cap. Right at the footrest for convenience.

The advantage of Yamaha FreeGo comes from using the Bluecore engine and equipping it with a smart generator to help the vehicle start smoothly, reduce noise and optimize fuel economy. In addition, the car is also equipped with Stop & Start System, Smart Key and ABS brakes on the front wheels. The car currently has a suggested starting price from 29.4 to 33.3 million VND.

Yamaha Janus

If you like a new car with the most optimal price, the Yamaha Janus is a reasonable choice, when this model was launched in the early quarter of 2022 with prices from 28 to more than 32 million VND with 3 versions. Versions vary depending on equipment.

Yamaha Janus is positioned as a direct competitor of Honda Vision with a series of equipment such as Smartkey keys, feminine design and is equipped with a 125cc Bluecore engine block with an announced fuel consumption of less than 2L per 100km.

In addition, Yamaha Janus also has a trunk with a capacity of up to 14L that can hold 2 half-head helmets and a raincoat, and a fuel tank with a capacity of 4.2L to help the vehicle operate more optimally. According to many opinions in groups, the Yamha Janus is the most worth buying car model in terms of exchange rate and quality.

In addition, in the 30 million scooter segment, there are still some other names such as Suzuki Impulse or new generation electric vehicles, but depending on needs, there will be different options depending on preferences or daily usage style. day. Or choosing high-end used cars is also a useful method.

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