During student enrollment season, Honda Vision suddenly increased prices sharply

Although supply has been added, user demand has increased so it has not really met the market.

After an unexpectedly high price increase, Honda Vision has returned to a stable price, even lower than the proposed price. However, not long after, the selling price of this scooter model suddenly skyrocketed. Specifically, some dealers are offering this car model for 37.8 million VND for the Standard version, 39 million VND for the Premium version, 39.5 million VND for the Special version and 47 million VND for the Personality version.


Thus, compared to the proposed price, the selling price of Honda Vision has a difference of 7 to 12 million VND or a different level depending on the dealer policy. Even though the price is higher, there are still many people who accept to buy cars, even in some places that do not have cars for immediate delivery but have to wait according to the rate.

Although the period of scarcity has passed and the supply is more complete, this is the time when students enter school, causing shopping demand to increase, and the number of vehicles arriving at dealers is not enough, leading to a situation of being out of stock.


Honda Vision attracts attention with its multi-purpose design suitable for both men and women along with an affordable proposed price, creating an advantage for this small scooter model. There are also a series of new equipment such as LED lights, smart keys, small front storage compartments, spacious trunk with phone charging socket, and temporary engine shutdown feature. Especially the ability to save fuel when it only costs less than 2 liters of gasoline for 100 kilometers of operation.

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