Drilling in the wrong location, hundreds of Vietnamese brand electric motorbikes were recalled

Accordingly, hundreds of Dat Bike’s electric motorbikes in Vietnam have just had an error and need to be recalled for repair.

According to recently updated information from the Vietnam Register, this unit has just approved the recall of 800 electric motorbikes including Weaver 200 and Weaver 200A of DatBike VietNam Company Limited. These vehicles are determined to be produced between November 18, 2021 and August 18, 2022.

Specifically, 800 Dat Bike electric motorbikes of the Weaver 200 and Weaver 200A versions will be recalled due to a manufacturing error that could cause the vehicle’s frame to crack during use. It is known that the reason is that the chassis manufacturer drilled the wrong position in a position that was not consistent with the original design.


This error can cause the vehicle frame to crack after a period of use, especially in cases of continuous use and heavy loads, making it unsafe during vehicle operation. Although no dangerous incidents have been recorded for users, the company still recommends that users bring their vehicles to the service center for inspection and repair for free within 5 hours.

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