Brabus and Morgan are new recruits at VMS 2022, many expensive but quiet cars

Bringing to VMS 2022 many expensive car models, however, the two brands Brabus and Morgan did not create many highlights at the exhibition.

Both Brabus and Morgan share the same distributor in Vietnam, also participating in the Vietnam Auto Show for the first time. Morgan appears with cars with classic designs while Brabus brings custom cars based on expensive models from German brands.


However, despite having good display space, both of the above brands failed to promote their strengths. First, located closest to the entrance of the booth is the Brabus D40, developed based on the original Mercedes-Benz G 400d with a diesel engine producing 362 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. After passing through the hands of Brabus, the car is 40 horsepower stronger while the torque increases to 750Nm.

brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-multi-vehicle-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-multi-vehicle-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang

The D40 possesses Brabus’s signature Widestar package developed for the G series with parts replaced by carbon materials, typically on the hood, LED lighting system on the roof, and rear spare wheel. Next is the Brabus G800. This is considered a more advanced choice for lovers of the custom G-Class line because it is developed on the basis of the AMG G 63.

brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-new-car-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-multi-vehicle-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang

Located in the innermost corner is the Brabus B50, developed based on the W223 generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class, S500 4MATIC configuration. Compared to the original, the custom car has a large front bumper and diffuser, 21-inch Monoblock M Platinum Edition wheels, a sharp rear bumper and an exhaust system tweaked by Brabus.


Along with that is the presence of two Morgan car models: Plus Four and Plus Six. Morgan is known as a neoclassical car company, with the philosophy of bringing classic car designs of the past into the 21st century when combined with modern, advanced powertrains.

brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-multi-vehicle-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang brabus-and-morgan-tan-binh-new-tai-vms-2022-new-car-dat-tien-but-return-tram-lang

At the exhibition area, the Morgan Plus Six model is located outside, while the Plus Four is located inside near the VIP guest resting area. Although it is considered to create a highlight that attracts viewers, the overall look is somewhat monotonous, overusing many lighting effects, so it does not highlight the outstanding features of the two brands Brabus or Morgan.

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