After the Mid-Autumn Festival, gasoline prices simultaneously decreased by more than 1,000 VND, from only 22,230 VND/liter.

From 3:00 p.m. on September 12, 2022, the price per liter of gasoline will decrease by 1,020 – 1,120 VND, and some other oil products will also have their selling prices adjusted.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance, in this adjustment period, each liter of E5 Ron 92 and Ron 95 gasoline has a new selling price of 22,230 VND and 23,210 VND per liter, respectively. Diesel and kerosene products are adjusted. Specific reduction:

  • E5 Ron 92 gasoline reduced by 1,020 VND/liter, selling price not exceeding 22,230 VND/liter
  • Ron 95 gasoline reduced by 1,120 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 23,210 VND/liter
  • Diesel oil reduced by 1,000 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 24,180 VND/liter
  • Kerosene reduced by 1,030 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 24,410 VND/liter
  • Fuel oil reduced by 1,040 VND/liter, selling price 15,030 VND/kg


In today’s operating period, the joint Ministries of Industry, Trade and Finance continue not to use the Stabilization Fund for gasoline and oil. The level of allocation to the fund for gasoline remains the same but increases for oil. Specifically, Ron 95 still deducts 493 VND per liter, E5 Ron 92 is 451 VND, diesel increased from 0 to 90 VND, kerosene also from 0 VND to 200 VND and fuel oil increased by 100 VND to 741 VND per kg. .

Although the prices of fuel products have decreased, in this adjustment, diesel and kerosene prices are still more expensive than gasoline. With this price level, diesel and kerosene prices are still more expensive than gasoline. Compared to the end of June, each liter of Ron 95 is about 9,660 VND cheaper, E5 Ron 92 is 9,070 VND cheaper, and diesel is down more than 5,770 VND.

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