After 2 days of sale, 18,000 VinFast Evo200 electric motorbikes were sold.

After only two days of officially receiving deposits, VinFast Evo200 reached 18,000 orders, equivalent to nearly 40% of sales of the best-selling gasoline car model in the popular scooter segment in August 2022.

According to the company’s statistics, after only 48 hours of receiving deposits on September 21, 18,000 orders of VinFast Evo200 electric motorbikes were successfully recorded.

Previously, VinFast Evo200 caused a stir when launched because of its beautiful, environmentally friendly design and especially its affordable price. Many people shared that they have been waiting for this car model for a long time since its launch in April 2022 and are looking forward to the day the deposit portal opens for registration.

According to feedback from the first VinFast Evo200 owners, the stylish design and compact size suitable for moving in urban areas are the reasons why they decided to spend money to buy this electric motorbike model.

VinFast Evo200 is equipped with a completely LED lighting system and many smart features: Vehicle positioning, automatic error diagnosis and vehicle status display… through connection to the phone using the VinFast e-Scooter application.

For only 22 million VND, buyers can own a car model capable of traveling up to 205 km/charge, the farthest in the product range applying VinFast’s latest LFP battery technology. The car has 2 versions, the Evo200 can travel up to 70 km/h, while the Evo200 Lite has a maximum speed limit of 49 km/h, suitable for students because it does not require a driver’s license.

In addition, the vehicle’s battery and engine also meet IP67 waterproof standards, allowing the vehicle to operate stably at a water level of 0.5 meters for 30 minutes.

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