Triumph Street Triple 765 2023 is upgraded to be more powerful, with a special version Moto2

Triumph Street Triple 765 2023 has just been introduced in the European market. All have more powerful engines and are equipped with a series of new technologies.

Triumph has just upgraded its Street Triple 765 line for 2023 and launched a special version with a Track-focused configuration to celebrate being the exclusive engine supplier for Moto2 racing for the past three years. via.

Triumph Street Triple 765 RS 2023

On the new generation, Triumph Street Triple 765 RS possesses new power and traction control system, making this car more agile and more stable.

The upgraded Street Triple 765 R and RS have been refined by Triumph engineers inside the combustion chamber and increased air intake more effectively. This helps increase the compression ratio by 4.7%, maximum power increased by 7 horsepower compared to the previous model.

The new engine on these two versions reaches a maximum capacity of 128.2 horsepower at 12,000 rpm with maximum torque of 80 Nm at 9,500 rpm.

Although the front fork on the Triumph Street Triple 765 2023 is still the 41 mm Showa Big Piston Fork and the rear fork is Ohlins STX 40, the vehicle’s steering angle is not the same as before. The handlebars have also been made wider to make it easier to change direction and the Brembo M50 brake cluster on the previous generation has now been replaced by Brembo Stylema with a pair of 310 mm discs.

Triumph has now refined the ABS braking system to be more suitable when running in Track mode on the new RS version. With inertial measurement for 2023, driving modes on the RS add ABS and traction control based on vehicle lean, and the RS version still has a two-way quickshifter.

Regarding the exterior appearance, the Street Triple 765 RS’s bodywork has also been refreshed to look more minimalist. The characteristic headlight of this car model remains the same. The standard seat height is 836 mm but Triumph also has a version with a seat height of 800 mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 15 liters, 2 liters less than the previous version. The car’s wet weight is an impressive 188 kg.

Triumph Street Triple 765 Moto2 2023

With this special edition, only 1,530 units will be produced, and of course, the Street Triple 765 Moto2 version also has the same engine and electronic upgrades as on the RS model.

But if the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS is aimed at normal road bikers, this Moto2 version is more suitable for those who want to occasionally take the bike to the racetrack.

Triumph Street Triple 765 Moto2 2023 has Ohlins NIX 30 front forks and the steering angle is not the same as in the R and RS versions. The wet weight of the vehicle is still 188 kg, the seat height is raised to 840 mm.

The carbon fiber bodywork and wheels make the Moto2 version one of the most worth-owning cars in the mid-range segment.

Triumph has added another riding mode that allows riders to adjust parameters to their liking, while a new exhaust pipe, new fairing, and wider handlebars like those on the RS are all available on the R version. The R’s front and rear forks are still Showa.

Maximum torque is similar to the RS, 80 Nm at 9,000 rpm, while power increases by 2 horsepower compared to the old version, at 118.4 horsepower at 11,500 rpm.

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