Toyota bZ3 launched in China, determined to ‘dethrone’ the Tesla Model 3 thanks to its low price and beautiful interior

With a price up to 10,000 USD cheaper than the Tesla Model 3, the Toyota bZ3 is expected to set a sales record in China thanks to its performance and beautiful design.

Tesla is an electric car company with quite good sales in the Chinese market. The field of electric vehicles is increasingly growing, and this “piece of the cake” is not only being fought over by domestic car manufacturers in the world’s most populous country, but even Toyota recently launched it. bZ3manufactured in China to compete with the Tesla Model 3 with a selling price said to be from only 28,000 USD (~ 695 million VND).


As the “brother” in the lower segment of the bZ4X, the bZ3 was jointly developed by Toyota with the Chinese brand BYD and will be sold through the FAW Toyota network. The sporty, angular design resembles the “elder” bZ4X that was just displayed at the Vietnam Motor Show 2022 and both cars are based on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. However, the sedan is equipped with BYD’s small-sized lithium-ion battery that allows the vehicle height to be significantly reduced.


Toyota has not revealed the technical specifications of the bZ3, but the company says the sedan will be able to travel more than 600 km on a single charge. The car company of the land of the rising sun also did not mention the charging speed, but an interesting piece of information is that Toyota claims that the battery will still have 90% battery capacity after 10 years. This is completely understandable because BYD is a corporation specializing in manufacturing mobile phone batteries, solar panels,…


In terms of size, Toyota bZ3 has the same parameters as the rival Tesla Model 3, but will be slightly larger. The vehicle length is 4,725 mm, height 1,475 mm and wheelbase up to 2,880 mm. The wind resistance coefficient of 0.218 Cd does not set any world records, but it is still quite impressive when contributing to a range of more than 600 km. Compared to bZ4X, bZ3 has a lower coefficient when its “brother” is at 0.29 Cd.


The interior of the Toyota bZ3 also has a minimalist style Tesla Model 3, but the design is more eye-catching thanks to the equipment of a small screen behind the steering wheel and located close to the windshield so that the driver can more easily observe general parameters. The central screen is placed vertically instead of horizontally like its American competitors. The steering wheel still retains many buttons to facilitate operation while the vehicle is operating.


Toyota said the electric sedan has been specifically designed for the Chinese market and made no mention of developing it for the global market. Even if Toyota had initially considered selling this model in the US, recent changes to the tax credit policy for electric vehicles will force the Japanese automaker to switch to another plan. Therefore, bZ3 is unlikely to compete with Model 3 in the US market.


However, in China, Toyota bZ3 is expected to “knock out” rival Tesla. Reuters recently said that this new sedan will likely sell at a starting price of 28,000 USD – significantly cheaper than 38,665 USD, the amount that electric car buyers in China have to spend to get it. a cheapest Tesla Model 3.


Recently, Toyota also brought to the Vietnam Motor Show 2022 the bZ4X electric mid-sized SUV, but only in display form instead of a launch event. bZ4X can operate about 460 km after 1 full battery charge. The company’s official distribution plan has not yet been announced, but this will be the future rival of the VinFast VF8 model.

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