Scooter models are gradually disappearing and falling into oblivion in Vietnam

Although they fully meet user needs and have convenient equipment, the scooter models below seem to be forgotten, not many people care about them and are rarely seen on the streets.

Yamaha Latte

Oriented in the mid-range scooter segment and compete directly with rival Honda Lead. Yamha Latte is designed with a youthful, modern style. As part of the product line of the “Why not” campaign, Latte continues to be equipped with a smart generator, Stop & Start System (temporary engine shutdown), Smart Key and One-Push feature. Start (1 touch start).

In addition, Yamaha Latte is equipped with a 37-liter trunk with a flat bottom, which can hold A1-sized files and a 13-inch laptop. The fuel tank cap is placed symmetrically with an electric lock cluster that can be easily opened with a multi-function lock.

In terms of operating power, Yamaha Latte is equipped with a Blue Core 125cc engine, 4-stroke single cylinder, 2 valves, air-cooled, producing 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and torque. Torsion reaches 9.7 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

SYM Attila

SYM Attila has appeared in the Vietnamese market for a long time, was once seen running a lot on the streets but now seems to have fallen out of favor. SYM has produced many variations such as Attila Elizabeth, Attila Venus, Attila V 125, Attila Passing… however, after a while, SYM now only sells the 125 version, the Attila 125, the rest are all are 50cc scooters.

SYM Attila 125 possesses a classic European design with round headlights and characteristic round rearview mirrors. Along with modern equipment such as LED technology lighting system throughout the vehicle body, luxurious LCD clock. In addition, the car is quite convenient with a trunk containing up to 27 liters of luggage.

Unlike many other scooter models, SYM Attila 125 has a fuel tank cap design in a convenient position right in the front cover, making refueling extremely quick.

Suzuki Impulse

Launched in 2017, with a strong sporty design, Suzuki’s Impulse scooter line is aimed at male users, but from its launch until now, this model has not received much attention.

Suzuki Impulse owns a 125cc engine, electronic fuel injection, air-cooled. Producing power is 9.2 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and torque of 9.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Impulse has a spacious 18-liter trunk, with two front storage compartments and convenient hangers. The vehicle also ensures safety with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, and a system of cast rims and tubeless tires.

In addition, Suzuki also arranged another drawer near the footrest, with a protective cover to store phones or other miscellaneous items. One unfortunate thing is that the fuel tank of this model is still under the seat, so refueling still requires opening the seat and is time-consuming.

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