Rumors of the BMW 3 series being assembled in Vietnam create new pressure for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Currently, a number of BMW dealers are offering deposits for domestically assembled 3 series cars with an expected price of 1.6 billion VND.

More specifically, some dealers as well as sales consultants on groups are selling BMW 3 series models on deposit. However, it is worth noting that according to the offer, these are CKD cars assembled domestically with an estimated price of 1.6 billion VND.


In addition, some other dealers also said that the expected price of the BMW 320i Sport Line is 1,629 billion VND, the 320i M Sport is 1,919 billion VND and the highest is 2,099 billion VND for the 330i M Sport version, all are cars. domestic assembly. Some sales consultants also offer the 320i Sport Line version for 1.4 billion VND but with limited quantity and color options.

The common point of the advertisements and offers to receive deposits is that the vehicle handover time is unclear and the vehicle will be assembled at Truong Hai’s factory. However, the company as well as the BMW distributor in Vietnam currently do not have any official information.

For a long time, Thaco said that assembling BMW in Vietnam was in the company’s long-standing plan in 2018. However, since then, there has been no more official information about this plan. Currently, Thaco still distributes BMW cars in addition to domestically assembled brands such as Kia, Mazda, and Peugeot.

If BMW cars are assembled domestically, it is expected to help car prices become more accessible compared to today. Currently, the selling prices of the BMW 320i Sport Line, 320i M Sport and 330i M Sport are respectively 1,899 billion VND, 2,179 billion VND and 2,499 billion VND. Meanwhile, the main competitor of the 3 series is Mercedes C-class, which is priced at 1,699 billion VND, 1,789 billion VND, 2,089 billion VND for 3 versions respectively C200 Avantgarde, C200 Avantgarde Plus and C300 AMG.


Currently, only the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is assembled domestically, so the car’s price is somewhat more accessible than other competitors, thanks to which sales are somewhat better. And if the BMW 3 series is assembled domestically, this game will be more interesting. The remaining competitors in this segment, Audi A4, Volvo S60, Jaguar XE, etc., are somewhat more secretive.

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