Revealing the interior of Toyota Innova 2023, with genuine options like a luxury car

Recently, new images of Toyota Innova appeared, notably, part of the car’s interior was revealed.

According to previous information, Toyota Innova 2023 will be launched on November 21 in the Indonesian market. And recently the company has continued to release new photos showing the new upgrades of this MPV model.


Accordingly, Toyota Innova 2023 is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, entertainment screen for rear passengers, central floating touch screen and dash cam. The sunroof is a new page and appears for the first time on the new generation Toyota Innova.

With the appearance of the sunroof, the air conditioning vents for the rear seats are moved to both sides of the ceiling. Running along the panoramic sunroof are 2 LED edge light strips, adding modernity and experience for the rear passengers.


It is also possible that the Toyota Innova’s central screen will be located independently on the dashboard, this design is quite similar to the Toyota Corolla or Corolla Cross. Paying closer attention can see the appearance of an entertainment screen placed on the back of the front seat.

Another new detail is that Toyota Innova will have a front dash camera, placed near the rearview mirror. Thanks to these new improvements, the new generation Toyota Innova promises to have more advantages to compete with other competitors.


Previously, the first images of Toyota Innova were taken in Indonesia and there was no camouflage around. Through this, we can see that the front of this MPV model has been refreshed with a refined grille with a flatter design, accompanied by SUV-style meshes and surrounded by a chrome plated strip.

Although the photo of the car’s body is not clear, it can be seen that the rear window is somewhat smaller. According to previous images, it can be seen that the car’s taillights are still basic with Halogen bulbs, not LED like the current trend. Currently, there is no new information about the interior.


Currently, some information says that the Toyota Innova 2023 will have 1.8L and 2.0L gasoline engine configurations and a hybrid powertrain similar to recent new Toyota models. In addition, there will be an additional Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) active safety technology package.

The selling price of the new generation Toyota Innova model is expected to range from 632 million VND to 987 million VND and will be launched on November 21, 2022 in the Indonesian market. In Vietnam, Toyota Innova has long lost its appeal when it continuously has an average sales of 200-300 cars per month because of fierce competition from other competitors with more accessible and practical prices.

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