More than 100 C300 cars and many other Mercedes-Benz luxury cars were recalled

Imported car models of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam such as C-Class, GLE and GLS are being forced to recall due to safety issues.

Specifically, according to information from the Vietnam Register, this unit has just approved Mercedes-Benz Vietnam to open 2 recalls for imported car models. The first batch involves the Mercedes-Benz C300 series with errors in the signal reception and activation module and the second batch is the GLE and GLS SUV models with errors in the rear triangle window decoration bar.

more-100-car-c300-and many-other-luxury-cars-of-mercedes-benz-bi-million-hoi

There will be 126 Mercedes-Benz C300 vehicles imported from Germany manufactured from May 2021 to May 2022 to be recalled with a signal acquisition and activation module (SAM module) error that can cause moisture Entering this location causes a short circuit in the control box, potentially causing a car fire. And it can also cause various damages, which can increase the risk of accident or injury to the driver and passengers.

Next are 840 vehicles of 4 models GLE 450 4Matic, GLS 450 4Matic, GLS 480 Maybach 4Matic, GLS 600 Maybach 4Matic imported and produced from July 2019 to January 2022 because of the risk of decorative window bars falling apart. back door triangle.

more-100-car-c300-and many-other-luxury-cars-of-mercedes-benz-bi-million-hoi

The reason comes from fixing these bars not according to specifications due to deviations during the assembly process. In the event that the trim bar separates from the vehicle, it may increase the risk of accident or injury to other road users.

Vehicle models included in the recall will be inspected and repaired within about 1 hour at Mercedes-Benz Vietnam dealerships at absolutely no charge. This is also the company’s fourth recall in the Vietnamese market.

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