Mitsubishi pickup truck revealed test drive photos, return date to Vietnam is very near

After many vague appearances in Europe, recently the new generation of Mitsubishi Triton has suddenly appeared in the Thai market, with the expected launch date not far away.

Accordingly, a social network account posted images that are believed to be test versions of the new generation Mitsubishi Triton in Thailand. As usual, the test vehicle is carefully camouflaged to avoid detection.


However, based on the images taken, it can be seen that the test version in Thailand has almost no difference from the test car in Europe. Specifically, even though it is camouflaged, it is not difficult to recognize that the divided LED headlights and large, square front grille cluster are similar.

The typical fancy window bezel of the current generation is still retained on the test version. The H-shaped line separating the passenger compartment and the rear storage tank has been removed to create uniformity of the whole.


According to unconfirmed information, the new generation Mitsubishi Triton will share the same chassis as the Nissan Navara and possibly the engine and suspension. This is even more authentic when the side lines and refined wheel arches have many inspirations from the Nissan Navara.

The fact that Mitsubishi Triton is being tested in Thailand shows that the launch time of this model is not far away and can be released in the first quarter of 2023. If as expected, it will not be long before the Vietnamese market and other countries in the Southeast Asia also soon welcomed this model.


In Vietnam, Mitsubishi Triton is the second best-selling car model in the pickup segment, second only to the Ford Ranger. Currently, the Mitsubishi pickup truck is priced from 650 million VND to 905 million VND. According to many comments from users from pickup groups, the Mitsubishi Triton has slightly better performance than the Ford Ranger, in return technology and suspension are not really Triton’s strong points.

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