Honda Vision’s price has once again increased suddenly, causing people who want to buy it to struggle

After a short period of stability, the price of Honda Vision 2022 has changed direction and increased sharply from the beginning of October until now, the highest difference is nearly 13 million VND compared to the proposed level from the company.

Honda Vision 2022 car prices are currently causing a storm at dealers in the city area. HCM, even increased sharply compared to last September. According to survey by CafeAutofrom the beginning of October until now, the selling price of the new version of the Honda Vision “national” scooter model at the dealer is currently ranging from 7 – more than 12 million VND, depending on the version and color.

More specifically, in the standard version, Honda Vision 2022 currently has the lowest price of 37.5 million VND while the personality version has the highest price of 47.5 million VND. The remaining two premium and special versions are being sold at prices of 39.5 million and nearly 40 million VND, respectively.

Although the supply has been restored, it is still not as much as before. Meanwhile, the increased demand from parents and car buyers has caused car prices to increase. Besides, there are also many cases where customers have spent a larger amount of money but still have to deposit and wait until November 2022 to get the car home.

According to Honda Vietnam (HVN) newspaper, in September 2022, Honda car sales in the motorbike segment grew impressively compared to the same period last year. More specifically, in the motorbike business, the number of vehicles sold in September 2022 reached 250,132 vehicles, up 26.1% over the previous month and up 151.0% over the same period last year.

Among them, Honda Vision is still the scooter model with the best sales with 55,284 vehicles sold, accounting for 22.1% of HVN’s total motorcycle sales in September 2022. The number in August 2022 is 48,000 cars sold on the market.

The all-new Honda Vision owns 4 versions to serve a variety of customer needs, including: Standard (29.9 million VND), premium (31.7 million VND), special (32.9 million VND). ) and personality (34.4 million VND). The overall design of all versions inherits the image of the SH series, giving users the impression of a stronger and more advanced appearance.

Honda Vision is considered a scooter model with quite high sales as it is popular with young people because of its compact, youthful design and many amenities such as smart locks, front storage compartment with lid or capacity. The trunk is relatively large and has a built-in phone charging port.

In terms of operation, Honda Vision is equipped with a 110cc air-cooled eSP engine and integrated ACG starter and Idling Stop temporary engine shutdown system. Not to mention that this is one of the cars that consumes the least gasoline in the Honda family, with fuel consumption of 1.88 liters/100 km (as announced by the company) and fuel tank capacity of 4.9 liters.

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