Honda Civic RS e:HEV launched in Malaysia, priced at 898 million VND, powertrain similar to Nissan Kicks

With a converted selling price of 898 million VND, Honda Civic RS e:HEV is the most advanced version of this car model in Malaysia.

One month after previewing and accepting orders, Honda Malaysia recently launched the model Honda Civic e:HEV 2022. This hybrid version is sold in this country as the RS sports version, belonging to the 11th generation like the Civic sold in Vietnam. The starting price of the RS e:HEV is from RM 166,500 (~ VND 898.3 million) – about VND 86 million higher than the gasoline-powered RS version in Malaysia.


In terms of size, this hybrid version is similar to the gasoline version, measuring 4,678 mm in length, 1,802 mm in width and 1,415 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,734 mm (2,733 mm for the gasoline version). ). However, the ground clearance is higher at 128 mm (126 mm on the gasoline version), although the manufacturer points out that the car’s center of gravity is 10 mm lower.


Using a hybrid powertrain makes this version about 100 kg heavier than the regular version, although Honda has tried to reduce weight as much as possible. Such measures include using aluminum strands in high-voltage cables – reducing weight by about 37% compared to traditional copper wire. The lithium-ion battery only accounts for 37 kg of the total weight increase, and the new PCU also adds 15 kg to the vehicle’s weight.


Civic RS e:HEV is equipped with Honda’s Intelligent Multi-Mode Driving (i-MMD) system, with a combination of electric motor and gasoline engine. In this case, the gasoline engine acts mainly as a generator, providing power to the electric motor to operate the vehicle – like the Nissan Kicks model recently launched in our country. However, at higher speeds, the engine can deliver power directly to the wheels – via a locking clutch – for better efficiency.


The electric motor on the Honda Civic RS e:HEV has a maximum capacity of 181 horsepower and maximum torque of 315 Nm and the power is transmitted to the front wheels through an electric continuously variable transmission (E-CVT). Like the Accord Hybrid, the electric motor is paired with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine to power the battery.


Regarding the exterior, Honda Civic RS e:HEV Has a similar design to the RS gasoline engine. However, some details have been slightly changed, such as the logo with an additional blue border. Besides, the dark chrome-plated details in the gasoline version have changed to a shiny color in the hybrid version. Comes with a set of 19-inch two-tone 5-double-spoke wheels – the gasoline RS version is multi-spoke painted black. The rear of the car only has a single exhaust system.



The interior of the Civic e:HEV is similar to the gasoline-powered RS, with a black interior with red accents. The air conditioning vents are hidden in the dashboard to create a seamless look, and come with a 9-inch touch screen that connects wireless Apple CarPlay and Remote Car Start. Some other standard equipment of the car such as wireless charging, smart key, 10.25 inch screen behind the steering wheel.

honda-civic-rs-ehev-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-8 honda-civic-rs-ehev-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-9

The car company from the land of the rising sun is also equipped with the Honda Sensing safety technology package as standard Civic RS e:HEVincluding automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, automatic adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control and front vehicle departure warning.


In Vietnam, the Honda Civic 2022 is currently sold in three different versions: E, G and RS, priced from 730, 770 and 870 million VND respectively. The high-performance version for speed enthusiasts, the newly launched Civic Type R, has a higher price, about more than 2 billion VND. Civic is a car model in the same segment as Kia K3, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Altis.

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