From now on, you can still change your driver’s license while sitting at home

From November 14, 2022, the online public service to change driver’s licenses on the National Public Service Portal has been expanded nationwide.

From November 14, 2022, online driver’s license exchange service at the website expanded nationwide, no longer limited to 12 localities as before. However, because the Ministry of Health’s health examination data is not yet connected, the expansion of this type of service is being blocked.

The service will facilitate people to register, declare information online, pay online and register for delivery services without having to go directly to administrative agencies. Information about application processing results is sent directly to citizens via email.

No later than 3 days after registering on the website, if the application is valid, an appointment will be scheduled and notified to the registrant via email or phone message. If the application is not valid, the applicant will be notified. Registration is also clearly informed of the reason.

The general process of registering to change a driver’s license is as follows:

1. Register online

This function allows citizens to register to change their driving license online by entering the correct form and submitting. If registration is successful, citizens will receive an authentication code. This authentication code is used for authentication when editing or sending records.

2. Submit documents

This function allows users to submit registered documents to processing agencies.

3. Correct invalid records

This function allows citizens to edit profile information. (Can only be edited for applications that have been registered but have not been sent or applications that have been rejected due to invalidity).

4. Go to reception to check in

After the online registration application to change the driving license has been approved, the person registering to change the driving license online will receive an email or phone message, notifying specifically the time and location to come for settlement. Components of the dossier when brought to the receiving department to exchange the driving license include:

– Original driving license and current ID card or passport (registered).

– A health certificate in accordance with the renewed driving license issued by a competent medical facility (according to Circular No. 24/2015/TTLT-BYT-BGTVT).

According to amended Circular 87/2014/TT-BGTVT, from February 15, 2015, people with driving licenses of classes A1, A2, A3, A4, and car driving licenses with more than 3 months remaining validity will be exempted from the Health Examination Certificate. When changing your license from cardboard to PET material.

– Fee for issuing a driving license made of PET material: 135,000 VND/time.

5. Look up application receipt status

This function allows citizens to look up their records to monitor the status of whether the records have been processed or not, by searching by Case Code and Registered Phone Number.

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