For the first time, a Vietnamese car company exported nearly 1,000 electric vehicles to the US

VinFast has just held a ceremony to export nearly 1,000 VinFast VF 8 electric cars to the international market, which is also the first time technology car products owned and produced by Vietnam – officially go to the world.

Specifically, the first batch of VinFast VF 8 cars exported was 999 units for the US market and was transported by Panama’s private charter ship Silver Queen. It is expected that after about 20 days of departure from MPC Port, Hai Phong, the batch of cars will arrive at California port, USA and will be handed over to the first customers at the end of December 2022.

lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-mylan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my

This is the first batch of cars exported to the international market among 65,000 orders for VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 electric cars globally. Immediately after the US market, VinFast will export the next batch of VF 8 cars to the Canadian and European markets for timely delivery to customers in 2023.

lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-mylan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my

In the Vietnamese market, VinFast has delivered the VF 8 electric car models to users and plans to hand over the VF 9 to the Vietnamese and international markets in the first quarter of 2023.

lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my lan-dau-tien-hang-viet-xuat-foreign-1-000-car-dien-sang-my

Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang – Vice Chairman and General Director of Vingroup said: “The 999 VinFast cars exported today is an important event not only for VinFast Company and Vingroup Corporation but also a historical milestone for the Vietnamese automobile industry, affirming that Vietnam has mastered and produced Successfully produce high-tech products, capable of competing in the international market. We hope that, with VinFast smart electric cars rolling on the world’s roads, the image of a new, dynamic and developed Vietnam will also be promoted more widely in the eyes of international friends. ”.


The event of exporting the first batch of electric vehicles owned and produced by Vietnam has opened a new era for the country’s auto industry, not only affirming Vietnamese class and intelligence but also realizing aspirations. mastered the automobile industry by many generations of his father, contributing to raising the country’s position in the international arena.

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