Following Winner, Honda Air Blade suddenly dropped its price sharply to just over 40 million VND

Usually at the end of the year, 2-wheeled vehicle models often have skyrocketing prices due to increased year-end shopping demand, but this year the Honda Air Blade is an exception.

Currently, Honda’s scooter models are in short supply due to increased year-end shopping demand and the price of the vehicle is also different from typical proposals such as Honda Vision and Honda SH. Not only Honda but many Yamaha cars also have the same situation.


However, quite surprisingly at the present time, Honda Air Blade has a slight decreasing trend. At some dealers, this mid-range scooter model costs only 40.9 million VND for the standard 125 cc version, the special version ranges from 42 to 44 million VND depending on color. The 160 cc version costs about 55 million VND.

Previously, Honda Air Blade was priced at 41.7 million VND for the standard version, 44 to 45 million VND for the special version and 56 million VND for the 160 cc version. Currently, in addition to discounts at dealerships, Honda Vietnam also implements many bonus programs when purchasing certain vehicle models.


At the time of its launch, this mid-range scooter model had a difference of up to 10 million VND and quickly cooled down later. Honda Air Blade just had a significant upgrade in May 2022 and attracted attention with the addition of a 160cc version with higher performance.

As for the 125 cc version, there is not too much difference when using the 124.8 cc 4-valve eSP+ engine with a capacity of 11.8 horsepower, not too different from the previous generation. However, there are still improvements such as a larger trunk with a capacity of 23.2L, USB charging port, more convenient smart lock system, etc.

The suggested price of Honda Air Blade 160 is 55.99 million VND and 57.19 million VND for the Standard and Special versions, respectively. As for Air Blade 125, it is 42.09 million VND and 43.29 million VND. In the segment, the Honda Air Blade 125 will continue to compete with its rival Yamaha FreeGo, while the 160 version will compete with two direct names, Yamaha NVX and its younger brother Vario 160 imported from abroad.

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