Why do customers choose Weaver++ electric motorbikes?

Launched less than a month ago, Weaver++ has become the center of discussion on groups and many customers have placed orders immediately. What makes the 3rd generation Weaver series of the Dat Bike electric motorbike brand so popular?

The Dat Bikers group – an association of people interested in and using Dat Bike electric motorbikes, is more active than ever since the launch of Weaver++ in early December. Articles about product reviews, questions and answers, and even everyday stories surrounding this special electric motorbike are posted continuously.

As a long-time follower of Dat Bike, Mr. Minh Duc shared the story of “luring” his wife to buy Weaver++. As soon as he had information about the new product, he asked his wife for her opinion to buy Weaver++ but did not agree. However, after testing it in person, his wife was extremely satisfied with this electric motorbike and the couple even planned to “collect rice” to each have one. Just like Minh Duc’s family, many people quickly “locked in” the Weaver++ right after the test drive.


The biggest changes on the Weaver++ are engine placement, power and tubeless tires. Dat Bike moves the position from the rear body to the middle of the vehicle, similar to gasoline cars. This helps the vehicle mass to be evenly distributed, making the vehicle more balanced when traveling at high speed. The power has also been increased by 1000W compared to the previous version, up to 7000W for better acceleration. Tubeless tires have many advantages over traditional tires such as being safer, not losing control when hit by sharp objects, and being easy to inflate and can be patched using many different methods.

Appearance adjustments such as an extended wheelie saddle, raised handlebars and lowered saddle not only contribute to creating a sportier bike, but also help the driver be more comfortable and fit. with all subjects.

Price commensurate with quality

Price is one of the important factors that users often consider before deciding to buy any product. With the ability to go 200km after each charge, the farthest among electric vehicles in the Vietnamese market and convenient services from Dat Bike, Weaver++ is commensurate with the price of 65,900,000 VND (including battery and tax). VAT). Thus, when buying Weaver++, customers will not need to spend extra money to buy batteries or rent batteries monthly. In addition, when placing Weaver++ next to other electric motorbikes at the same price, if calculated based on performance, Weaver++ can be at least 30% cheaper.

Furthermore, Weaver++ operating costs are also very low. For example, an office worker averages about 30km a day and 10,000km a year. If using Weaver++, the electricity bill to charge the car for a year only costs about 1 million VND. For a gasoline car with a 120cc engine that consumes about 2.5 liters of gasoline/100km, with current gasoline prices, the amount paid in a year is about 6 million VND, 6 times more than an electric car. Not to mention, gasoline prices suddenly increase and decrease unpredictably. In addition, when using a gasoline car, users also have to consider the costs of changing oil, engine warranty, etc. Therefore, the cost difference when buying Weaver++ will be quickly deducted after only about 3 years of use. Therefore, the current price of Weaver++ is completely reasonable for users to consider switching to electric vehicles with performance equal to gasoline cars.

Agree with the brand vision

With Dat Bike, electric motorbikes are not only a means of transportation, they are also a solution to contribute to building a green lifestyle for individuals, bringing a green environment to the community. People who come to Dat Bike also have the same thoughts.

When asked, Mr. To Tan – a customer at the showroom replied: “Even though I have known and paid attention to Dat Bike for a long time, I personally feel that the previous models still lack something. This time, I accidentally passed by Tu Xuong store to try Weaver++ and decided to buy it. Partly because I have wanted to switch to using an electric vehicle for a long time, and Weaver++ can also meet my daily travel needs.”

Another Dat Bike customer, Mr. Van Bien, believes that using electric vehicles is an inevitable trend and among the available options on the market, he decided to stick with Weaver++ because of this product. has short charging time, long travel distance, large capacity and reasonable price.


Convinced by the enthusiasm of the Dat Bike team

Finally, a special reason why users love Weaver models even more, especially Weaver++, is the enthusiasm Dat Bike puts into the product. As CEO of Dat Bike, Mr. Son Nguyen once shared, the Dat Bike team always operates with the spirit of Driving Forward – always moving forward to develop and launch new and better products based on real experiences. user’s health. Every time it is launched, the public sees clear changes in the product, proving that even the smallest customer feedback is taken into consideration by Dat Bike.


Mr. Son Nguyen – CEO Dat Bike

Weaver++ has officially been opened for sale at Dat Bike’s website and official stores nationwide, with the announced price of 65,900,000 VND (including battery and VAT). Dat Bike applies a 3-year or 30,000km vehicle warranty for Weaver++ electric motorbikes, and a battery warranty of up to 10 years for customers who reserve the vehicle from now until January 31, 2023. Especially for customers who buy a car in December 2022, Dat Bike will immediately give away a 1-year charging fee equivalent to 1 million VND. Detailed information can be accessed here.

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