What is the situation of buying and selling the 690 million VinFast electric car model in Vietnam in the past year?

According to published data from VinFast, this Vietnamese car company has delivered more than 2,300 VF e34s in the past 12 months, an average of more than 190 cars per month.

December 25, 2021 was considered a new milestone for the Vietnamese car brand when the first VinFast VF e34 electric cars were shipped and delivered to domestic customers.

According to data announced by this manufacturer, the company delivered 85 VF e34s in the last month of 2021. In 2022, the total number of cars delivered after the first 8 months of the year was 2,208, before VinFast stopped work. Announced car sales in 2 months are 9 and 10. By November, VF e34 electric car sales reached 182 units.

Thus, from December last year to the end of November 2022, a total of 2,305 VinFast VF e34 cars were delivered to consumers,

VF e34 is VinFast’s first electric car model, only doing business in the Vietnamese market. This car model has a listed price of 690 million VND, without battery.

According to the manufacturer’s previously announced announcement, VinFast has received 25,000 pre-orders for this product. However, throughout 2022, supply chain disruptions have greatly affected the Vietnamese automaker’s ability to deliver vehicles.

VinFast VF e34 is positioned in the C-size crossover segment, but the price of this product (excluding battery) is only equivalent to some B-size models.

VinFast VF e34 electric car has dimensions of length x width x height of 4,300 x 1,793 x 1,613 mm, wheelbase 2,610 mm, unladen weight of 1,490 kg. The car has a youthful exterior with LED headlights and LED daytime positioning strip extending to the center of the steering wheel. The wheels are 8 inches in size.

The interior is designed in a minimalist style with a 10-inch vertical touch screen and many metal decorative details. The central dashboard is 7 inches in size, with a 6-speaker sound system.

Some notable equipment of the VF e34 includes an automatic anti-glare mirror, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, cabin air filtration function, automatic wipers or LED headlights that automatically turn on/off.

VinFast VF e34 uses a 42 kWh battery for a range of about 300 km on a single charge, and can go 180 km after 15 minutes of fast charging. The engine has a capacity of 110 kW, maximum torque of 242 Nm, front-wheel drive.

Driving assistance features include lane departure warning, cross-traffic warning when reversing, blind spot warning, traffic flow warning before opening the door, front/rear parking assist or 360-degree camera.

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