VinFast’s “Exchange old for new” program stopped operating after more than 2 years

VinFast has just announced to stop the “Exchange old for new – Smart Solution” program after more than 2 years of implementation to switch to other incentive programs.

Smart Solution is an old-for-new exchange program to support users in exchanging old VinFast vehicles for new ones. Initially, the company supported the exchange of all car models on the market with the condition that they were not more than 7 years old and had complete documents to VinFast cars. However, on March 7, 2022, the program has changed and only applies to exchanging old VinFast cars to new VinFast cars. On December 12, 2022, VinFast announced to stop this program.


Currently, VinFast cars have affirmed their brand and quality. Used VinFast cars can be bought and resold conveniently and easily with stable prices on the market, so the need to buy and sell used cars through the Exchange old for new program – Smart Solution is not much anymore.

In order to better meet the needs and rights of users, VinFast decided to stop the policy of exchanging old for new to shift resources to focus on other incentive programs for users through the membership policy of the global VinFast Community. bridge.


Accordingly, customers who are VinFast car owners and are also registered as members of the global VinFast Community and want to buy electric cars will still receive attractive incentives without having to sell their used cars through Smart Solution. . Specifically, when buying the second or subsequent VinFast electric car, incentives will be directly included in the car price with incentives of 6 million VND for VF 5 Plus, 10 million VND for VF e34, respectively. 15 million VND for VF 8 and 20 million VND for VF 9.

In addition, you can also accumulate incentives through Green Living vouchers for Vinhomes residents (applies to all electric car models) or Electric Car vouchers for Vinhomes home buyers (applies to VF e34, VF 8 and VF 9) according to the specific conditions of each program.

Mr. Hoang Chi Trung – General Director of VinFast Trading Vietnam, said: “We decided to stop implementing the program “Change old for new – Smart Solution” to suit actual market needs. Instead, we are actively implementing other incentive programs to ensure better benefits for customers, as well as promote the goal of developing green cars for the environment in Vietnam.”

To accelerate the process of popularizing electric vehicles, VinFast is building a charging station infrastructure system nationwide, aiming to cover 150,000 charging ports for electric cars and motorbikes in 63 provinces and cities by the end of this year.

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