VinFast VF e34 has more support, the price is only from 445 million VND

In addition to existing programs, users can currently use additional vouchers to buy the VinFast VF e34 electric car model at the best price at this stage.

Specifically, on December 24, VinFast officially announced the application of Green Living voucher payment for VF e34 car buyers. Accordingly, the company is manufacturing and handing over the VF e34 car according to the order number. However, due to the difficult economic situation, some customers with early deposit orders are not ready to receive their cars. This leads to a remaining number of VinFast VF e34 cars that have been produced but have not been delivered to the right customers.


To support users who have a deposit order number after changing the version or color and receiving the car before Tet, VinFast decided to implement a policy of applying Green Living vouchers when paying for the VF e34 car. The policy only applies to available inventory vehicles and invoices paid in full from December 24 – 31, 2022. This policy does not apply to cases of signing contracts pending color or version selection.

More specifically, from now until December 31, 2022 or until the car lot runs out, whichever comes first, buyers can use Green Living vouchers of 30 million or 50 million VND to buy VinFast VF e34. The car price applied for the voucher will be the price when buying the car and signing the deposit contract.

To make it easier to understand, if the buyer is a pioneer, the VinFast VF e34 will cost 690 million VND, the pioneer customer deposits 50 million VND and will receive incentives including a car price discount of 100 million VND, battery rental fee within 1 year and 100% registration fee with a total value of 195 million VND.

After the above incentives, the direct car price is 495 million VND and an additional Green Living voucher of 30 million VND or 50 million VND will be applied. So if you add up the promotions, the final purchase price of VinFast VF e34 is from 445 – 465 million VND, this price does not include the cost of rolling out the license plate.


However, that is a direct price in the ideal condition of having vouchers available, but buyers can still buy these vouchers outside at prices ranging from 20 to 25 million VND, so the car price will fluctuate. from 468 – 490 million VND.

In addition, pioneering buyers also enjoy a battery purchase price incentive of 120 million VND instead of 190 million VND. So for those who have deposited 50 million VND in the first installment, if they directly buy the battery with the car, the final price will be from 588 to 610 million VND, and for those who only deposit 10 million VND at the same time, the fee will only be from 663 – 685 million VND.


Thus, those who have made a deposit in the pioneering phase will benefit the most, in addition to the car purchase price, they will also benefit from the battery rental cost of only 657,000 VND/month and a distance limit of 500 km or 1,805,000 VND/month. , unlimited kilometers. As for buyers after November 14, 2022, there is only a fixed rental package of 2.9 million VND/month.

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