VinFast cooperates with T-Mobile to exclusively connect electric vehicles globally

The leading telecommunications company in the US T-Mobile has just become the exclusive partner providing connectivity for smart electric vehicles in North America and Europe.

According to the agreement, T-Mobile will provide connectivity for VinFast electric vehicle models in the North American and European markets. Models VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9 will have the built-in ability to connect to the T-Mobile network and enable services such as remote vehicle management, watching online shows or playing games on the T-Mobile network. Vehicle safety features include live traffic information, over-the-air software updates, Wi-Fi hotspot broadcasting (on some vehicle models) to help passengers stay connected…


In addition, with IoT solutions from T-Mobile, VinFast will be able to connect and manage VinFast vehicle maintenance schedules globally, based on near real-time data, remote notifications and monitoring. close to performance. Through that, the VinFast store system will advise and help customers store and manage vehicle maintenance schedules.

This cooperation package is worth up to tens of millions of dollars to bring personalized experiences to VinFast users and the ability to leverage near real-time data to make service and maintenance decisions. timely.

Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice President of Vingroup and President of VinFast said: “VinFast’s goal is to turn smart electric cars into a platform connecting all aspects of life. Cooperating with the world’s leading telecommunications partner T-Mobile will help VinFast realize this, providing customers with advanced features, making the driving experience safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.”.

“T-Mobile and VinFast are both driven by a customer-centric mindset. This is the inspiration and motivation for us to innovate to meet customer needs. Electric vehicles are rapidly evolving from a mere mode of transportation to a companion that helps deliver productivity, entertainment and safety along the way. We can’t wait to help VinFast customers experience this, no matter where their journey takes them.”said Ms. Callie Field – President of Business of T-Mobile.

VinFast has set its headquarters in Los Angeles, opened a series of stores in California and announced plans to build a factory in North Carolina (USA). At the end of November, VinFast exported the first batch of VF 8 cars with the number of 999 units to the US market and will be followed by the Canadian and European markets.

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